Paige Samhain 2008

Awww isn’t she cute!!

She loves her kids

Hard to believe this is Paige’s 2nd Halloween. Last year she was a witch, this year a ladybug. Who knows what next year shall bring. Personally I can’t believe she allows me to dress her up…lol. Pris her mother NEVER would have allowed this in a million years. She hated when the groomers put bows in her hair. Paige simply has taken the word “pris” to a whole new level she loves comfort AND style as well as understands mudbaths can come in handy now and then;-) Her mother got her name simply by loving comfort and hated stepping in mud otherwise she loved being out with the cows.

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2 thoughts on “Paige Samhain 2008

  1. Felicia says:

    I got your link off of MontanaUnschoolers and thought I would say Hello and tell you that your blog looks great! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day!*huggles*=0)

  2. Renee says:

    Thank you I am still going thru a ton of homeschool links before I post them to be sure they aren’t outdated. After changing webhosts I was having to redesign and decided to not redo the homeschool site rather just add details onto the blog.

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