Celebrating Earth day

Well we are in Montana so WHEN we get a nice day you best jump on it. Notice that foot of snow from earlier in the week….its gone. We have hit 60’s for a few days so we jumped at it and decided we better repot our few plants we have at this time ESP considering some of the tulips are beginning to bloom. This was done very inexpensively. Plants only cost $6, pots we picked up at the local thrift stores for 50 cents each, Miracle grow potting soil actually cost the most of it all at something like $5 for the bag that only filled 2 1/2 pots! We tried our local walmart and their brand soil was out of stock…at $1 a bag I see why. Kelda kept Benjamin busy at the park and he stayed busy giving Paige a ride in his wagon. Inger is more the gardener out of the 3 and since we fulltime RV we have had to improvise to make this work for us and help her stay grounded to her true nature. She even did the bead work on the black pot to add her touch to it;0)

I realize this is about saving the earth by planting and such and not printing out and using more paper, but if you have spare scratch paper lying around here are some fun activities to print out for the kids. With Inger being an artists we have tons of paper lying around for use: http://homeschooling.about.com/od/holidays/ss/earthprint.htm
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