15 years

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Well Carl was working on our anniversary. So yesterday after he finally got off his shift we went to Wheat Montana for biscuits and gravy breakfast. Went did laundry while we had no kids. Came home put it all away take kids and dog out for a 1 1/2 mile hike. Came home take a 30 min nap not realizing how late it was. Get up I shower and dress for dinner and he and I went to Applebees for dinner. Don’t get too excited…service sucked the waiter stopped 3 times that is it and wasn’t busy, he didn’t offer us more drink until he was offering us our ticket!! Food wasn’t bad, but not hot like you would expect. Tip? YEAH DIDN’T HAPPEN! And sine when do waiters/waitress’ get to wear shorts?? Anyhow went and got ice cream to take home and have desert with the kids, popped in a movie in which I of course fell asleep on. So we must be getting old that was as good as it got…lol. Had togetherness time and that was good since we don’t get alot of that with how much he works.


4 thoughts on “15 years

  1. Renee says:

    she weighs more than I did on wedding day! She is also taller than me though. I weighed maybe 115lbs!! But I know all 5 generations first born favor the mother;0) All are daughters too.

  2. VM Sehy Photography says:

    Congratulations! Chris and I were dead broke on our 10th so I dedicated a song to Chris on the radio. It’s the moments you share that you remember more than the actual physical gifts I think.

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