Well no movement on the scale today but looking at for the week I lost 15.8 lbs I am not crying!!    I also lost 6 inches overall :0)  I am pretty tired today, but that is mostly due to adjusting still from working overnights over the weekend.  Funny how just a couple nights a week of overnight shifts can mess with your sleep patterns half the next week!!

Lunch spinach salad with lemon juice and hamburger meat mix with garlic and onions.

Dinner lettuce, green peppers, cucumbers, chicken

20 minute walk today felt great to take one and other than the pending storm my back did well.  Expecting 6 inches tonight.  Seriously over the snow, but that is life in the Rockies lol

Found out tonight my16 yr old niece has to have an MRI tomorrow.

She has had a serious headache for 3 weeks now. She has been to the dr. a couple times was on pain meds nothing helping. Best case scenario maybe has a blood clot, but could also be fluid or a tumor.  So pins and needles until results are in by Thursday but hopefully Wednesday.


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