Scale up .2lbs

Forcing food down today…not hungry but wanting to eat out of boredom…between Andi’s MRI situation, snowing, Kelda injuring her ankle again and badly spraining it, did I mention it is snowing?? I am wanting to munch out of boredom yet I am not hungry.  OH and my cycle started today…a few days early.  I spotted yesterday so wondered and then today full blown.  I am sure this is the reason for the .2 increase and the stall yesterday.  I can handle that.  No cravings other than the need for a little salt on my food…I am feeling a little bloated this afternoon, but not terrible.  Trying to drink extra water and adding lemon today.

Midmorning 1/2 grapefruit

Lunch I had spinach, chicken marinated in strawberry sauce apple and Vinaigrette over the top.

Dinner spinach, lemon pepper chicken, green beans and the same Vinaigrette from earlier.

I think I have waited a little late to eat I am starving while waiting for my chicken to cook.  Hopefully I am on the ok side and aren’t hungry later.  I woke from my nap craving Plain Lays Potato chips!  First time to crave something all week…I think it is due to TOM (time of month) honestly.


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