No change today in the scale BUT that is ok considering I went over by 100 calories yesterday at least it wasn’t a gain.  That overage was not bad foods or anything just boredom munchies, stress of waiting on nieces MRI results (which btw her results came back as normal so still no answers) and eating beef for both meals.  I should have done chicken like I was going to do for the 2nd meal.  So today back on track of watching the calories closer.

Here is a great article on the ups and downs of weightloss: http://www.liquidhcgdiet.com/the-ups-and-downs-of-weighing-yourself-daily/

Lunch: spinach, cucumbers ACV dressing and the remaining of ground beef mix from yesterday.

Dinner: Lemon Peppered chicken, ACV dressing, spinach, apple, tomatoes

Took a long walk today with the kids and dogs….been a long week couped up inside between Kelda getting injured and SNOW…my back now hurts tonight due to weather rolling in again I guess as I am hearing now.


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