Well no budge on the scale…I had hamburger yesterday plus added the chocolate…from past experiences however for now I am saying it is the beef!  I have 3 more meals already cooked up so will probably finish that off or let everyone else enjoy it and I will just cook up some chicken and stick with that since it is working for me.  I will just put some of the recipes I have listed to work:)

Playing with things a little today.  I had some chocolate again…but became very tired!

I had chicken at lunch to make up for have a couple pieces of chocolate

Dinner raspberry vinaigrette on a chicken, walnuts and cranberries salad.  May have too much sugar but will find out tomorrow I guess.  It was a quick cheap salad while I was out meeting up with customers.  If I had had the feta cheese that came with it would have been 210 calories.

All I know is I have been doing something right…I am able to easily pull on size 22 jeans so I suspect by the time I end this phase I should be able to fit into a size 20…that would be AWESOME!!  Much better than a size24 bordering 26.  I found some tops a week ago size 16/18 that fit.  When in shape I naturally have a very small waist…have always had what hubby has referred to as “breeding hips”.

So lets see what damage I did today between the homemade chocolate and dinner salad.  Not to mention I have overnight dispatch duty overnights tonight and tomorrow night…


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