WOW twice in one week we have had FAMILY like fun days that are totally to be cherished days.  Have had a slow week in the appts dept:)  Only a couple actually all week.  Even had time to go to a 1st annual summer festival and then for the weekend have come to my best friends home to spend time before the appointments begin on Monday.

growing up on me
great music from friends for everyones entertainment 
love this shot
dad and son throwing ball a bit
getting a little wet after a long hot day
hold on mom let me pull my finger
can’t believe she is nearly 13
a little care free dancing does the soul good

Last night was a night of laughing and bonfires roasting marshmallows and dancing under the beautiful full moon:) What is it Laura Ingalls use to say… If I only had a memorance book…well these two days this week fit into that category and worth noting:)

towards the end of our fun full moon bonfire marshmallow goodness 
I remembered I had my cellphone on me

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