Aspirin Blood tests and Diet


New blood test developed for colon cancer!!!  I love hearing this esp knowing since Carl has been diagnosed and at a “young” age (shhh don’t tell Inger I related her father as young) our kids will need to be tested younger than the age of 50.  This is something they will have to test for often probably starting sometime in their 30s.


Not just to help prevent a heart attack anymore….

A LITTLE aspirin might just go as far as a lot when it comes to preventing bowel cancer – with fewer side effects.

So says a five-year retrospective study led by Malcolm Dunlop of the University of Edinburgh, UK, that compared the aspirin habits of 2800 people with cancer and 3000 without. The team found that the risk of getting cancer was 25 per cent lower in those who had been taking 75 milligrams of the drug daily compared with those who had not (GutDOI: 10.1136/gut.2009.203000).

If everyone in the UK was taking a low dose of aspirin in 2007, the latest year for which data on bowel cancer incidence data is available, it would have prevented 16 cases per 100,000.

This small reduction in risk is comparable to that from earlier studies in which the doses were much higher. Andrew Chan of Harvard



And then as you know Diet plays a HUGE role into everything.  So Carls diet changes have been drastic in some instances.  No more red meats, little to no sugar…sugar feeds cancer.  He is following fairly strictly a diet according to his bloodtype.  Our kids are for the most part on the diet that corresponds to their blood type and really in many ways it hasn’t been terribly hard.  2 of them have their fathers type and one has mine (phew at least I am not alone here:))



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