I lost 31lbs on my first round and over all maintained til I was trying to do my load days to go round 2 (TWICE)…almost 10lbs has stuck with me:(  I have tried a couple times over the summer to go another round but due to stress levels it hasn’t happened.  I lose will power and cave when stress goes up.

My husband was diagnosed with cancer back end of May and has been hard to concentrate on weightloss… 1 1/2 weeks ago I checked my BP for the first time since April before all this started with the cancer… it has me in the prehypertension area!!!  That scared me enough to get another round going and have been on track without too many issues.

Now I have caved to cream in my coffee and a couple cookies  but doesn’t seem to be hurting me.  They are pure ingredients however no junk, no corn syrup, no hydrogenated oils and such.  Maybe this is why I haven’t stalled my weightloss I don’t know.  All I do know is I am down 13 lbs since last Friday!!!  I also for now am not sticking strictly for what is my bloodtype…if I did that I would have very limited options and I am beginning to think that added to my stress the last couple times of trying this way of eating.

I have not checked my measurements this round…bad I know.  I will do that on Monday probably so I can keep track when stalling does happen.  I am really itchy around my middle and boobs…usually that has been a symptom of inches melting away, my jeans are looser and a sweater I purchased last spring that was too small but way too pretty in color…FITS!  SO goal is to lose 30lbs this round by Halloween and I am already nearly half way there.  17lbs left to go and about as many days so as long as I keep at my pound or so a day I should succeed…at least pretty close and that will be good enough for me.


My FAVORITE this round has been tossing a 1LG tomato, cilantro,1/8C ACV, 1T Lemon juice, and 1/2T sugar (yes I know shouldn’t have but according to my blood type stevia is very bad for me and I should avoid it and all sugar substitute and to use sugar), a little salt and blend it in the blender…has been the tastiest dressing over the top of spinach…YUM


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