2nd Week Checkup

Today was the 2 week checkup.

He sees his dr. only once a week and Tuesdays happen to be that day.

So we were early which we are learning it is best

it is a madhouse around there so early is better

There is some concerns because he is constipated

not normal for radiation usually opposite effect

the leg cramps also not common so

after seeing 2 doctors today it has been decided

his body may not be absorbing all the water and or magnesium

So just keeping eyes on these

adding a couple supplements

Vit D is low even though he is on supplements

So just another thing we watch

Due to his always being a lack of a tanner tanning bed

is not really an option as skin cancer would be the next bigger fear

rather than his D vitamin levels are low.

So some more guessing games other wise today was a better day than yesterday



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