I Love my Life

No it isn’t exactly how I planned it right now

of course I don’t think anyone asks for

what we have been handed.

BUT I do love putting a smile on peoples faces

and know that I helped put it there

thru my love and gifts of photography

This amazing, beautiful and smart girl graduates in Jan 2011.

A week later she leaves for the Marines.

You should be able to see more of Jes’ session on my fanpage on FB

Carl had his last radiation treatment for this week today!

3 weeks left I can’t wait to see what

happens after that.

He has been cold, cramping, shortness of breath, and fatigued today:(

I wish I could do something for him

but there is nothing I can do to make him feel better

I feel helpless in that department!

Thanks to a generous friend the kids went clothes shopping

Kelda sadly didn’t find anything really she liked at least in her size,

Benjamin got a new shirt,

they all got new shoes and Inger…well yeah

that girl flat wore me out today!!!

THREE  HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!

yes 3 hours to find what she wanted.  That girl was

on the serious hunt for the most bang for her buck

and managed to put together a whole outfit down to the underclothes on

what she was allotted.  What would have been $170 at regular

price total paid $52.

I love knowing I was home in her early years to help her learn those skills

but man either I am getting older or just plain worn out

I am whipped just from shopping

with her!

Hoping one week from Monday we have found a place

to move the RV that has full hookups…including cable.

Kids are excited about that one lol.

We haven’t had tv hooked up since I worked for PCA!

We were rarely home in fact the past 5 months

aside from all the medical treatment appointments

this is the most we have been home in a long time.

NOW kinda feeling cramped!!

People have asked over the past couple years how we do it

5 of us and our pets in a 30ft rv…

I now know its’ simple

we were never home!!



4 thoughts on “I Love my Life

  1. tatjannam says:

    LOL. I think your RV has more space then our last apartment, I can sympathize. Inger has stolen my heart with her shopping techniques, if it’s not at least 50% off it’s not a sale! Love the new pics sweety! Have an amazing day!

  2. Ami says:

    I WISH you lived nearer… I would SOOO have you take Lyssa’s senior pics.

    She’s hard to photograph.

    And I’m a crazy shopper myself… I get most of my clothes from Goodwill. Retail prices give me sticker shock.

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