2nd Home

That is much what hospitals are becoming it seems

a 2nd home so to speak

only my bed is WAY more comfortable than this chair bed contraption

2 a.m. I was awakened after having barely gotten to sleep

Carl was in worse pain than before

around 2:30ish called the on call doc from cancer center

they returned our call and said take him

to ER sounds like he is impacted.

Get all checked in by 3:30 a.m.

bloodwork, xrays, ct scan tests results 4hrs later

admitting into hospital.

To those that are delusional that you go to a hospital to get

sleep and rest…yeah let me let you in on

that one…you don’t rest and no sleep for the wary.

I think the alarms on machines are set to go off

purposely knowing JUST when you are nodding off!

Oh and of course there is your vitals that must be taken so they

are scheduled sometime after that you know

after you start to go to sleep again

and my personal fave…why are labs at about 4 a.m.?? like clockwork

and apparently no hospital is immune to these issues

OH and the loved ones that choose to for whatever

reason stick around by your side.. you get about as

much sleep with all this commotion so 2nd home

really?? yeah I think I got more sleep when the kids were babies!!

So looking like another 24hrs of this shall see

looks like colitis, there is blood in the stool again, he is backed up in that dept

possible bacteria infection, waiting on more recent lab

results to come in they are watching for

possible bowel perforation which can happen

with radiation treatment.

good morning err good night err yeah have a great one!

Hope to know more soon

for now they say “home is where the heart is”

and well here is where my soul mate is so home it shall be for now


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