Midweek Randomness

where did my weekend go?

Oh thats right we blew it on a stay at the hospital

I won’t really go into all the details

especially all the beetles thru out the place

the alarms on the machines going off all the time

vitals that must be taken, lab work and never tell you

the results, told at 7 a.m. you are going home

only a 6th different dr. comes in and

sees you haven’t been allowed to eat yet

no you need to stay a little longer, eat and lets see how that sits with you

you don’t get released until 9pm

nevermind you aren’t easy with that decision

still nauseas, still in lots of pain

however considerably less than when you entered

but you keep down your food and you take a walk

around the nurses station and though dizzy

you don’t fall down…YOU DID GREAT you can go home now

oh I realize it is 9pm but here is a prescription

you can get that filled tomorrow we don’t give you any to take home

OH but you can get it filled and pay full cash price

here in the hospital they don’t take insurance!

Mention the word FREE for a puppy and all idiots come out of the woodworks!!

One wants him for breeding and didn’t like I said he had to be neutered

Another doesn’t know a darned thing about the breed

but hey its free, oh is that a female…NO the ad says MALE

yeah dude you are going to have to be

smarter than the dog or he will run all over you

Take a teen age girl (or 2) shopping don’t expect your day

to get anything else done but getting them ONE outfit

I broke down and reapplied for corporate job again

when all else fails go back to what you know

even if you aren’t keen on the option

However my gut is saying it isn’t the right thing to do

not totally anyhow I really want to believe business

is going to take off…yeah been saying that since

I left my position in the first place.

But will say something feels different this time so maybe

just maybe I should wait a little longer

Foundations that are trying to help

but so much red tape it seems like it is never

going to happen…then there is one in CO

I have all the paperwork together

and I am waiting for calls from certain depts

so I can be sure I can give all the current correct

information yet they call me and say

hey we want paid…yeah really? then I need current information

Ok that is it well for now will let ya know if something

else creeps up and annoys me

But time to get back to being positive just

had to get this off my mind:)


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