Seize the Deal

Quiet possibly the one thing that totally

ROCKS for advertising

Kinda sucks they get half of the price for whatever

your special is, BUT the ad is

aired on local participating radio stations

and on their website, facebook or where have ya

So all that considering I could never afford that.

If you are in the Billings (primarily)

but extending offer or something similar

to Bozeman clients for weekends of Nov 20th (only 2 openings) or Dec 4th

I can participate typically once a quarter

unless they need to fill a slot sometimes

they will contact to have you go another go round sooner.

At this time I get to go again come Feb…in time for Vday:)

Working on an offer totally different from this.

SOOO if you or you know

someone in these locations mentioned

please send them to the site to seize the deal.

Typically you only get sponsored for

24hrs but because mine fell on a Friday

I got all weekend as well:)

Seize the Deal


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