WOOHOO yesterday was last treatment…we will come back to that but had to get that excitement out:)

It has been a long couple of weeks since I last posted.

Lets see there has been wisdom teeth removal, severe pains from that went back pain meds weren’t working because she apparently doesn’t do well with NSAIDS like her father.  They gave her other pain meds which sent us to same day care center thinking she may have an appendicitis on top of everything else…only to discover the 800mgs of ibuprofen she was given was causing her grief at least that is the current verdict.  She is still having pains but not as severe.  So that is being watched

Carl went back to the ER on last Friday they shot him up with 8mg of morphine…OUCH yeah we were there from 1:30ish to 8:30 he didn’t start to wake up until 7:20 is when I walked into the room and he was just kinda coming to.  they did his x-rays and such with him zonked on his butt.

We found a place on 1 1/2 acres a week or so ago only to discover yesterday that the guy is having to go thru an eviction process to get the people out and it is now not available until Jan. 1st at the earliest.  Initial conversation was Dec. 1st but he can’t even proceed to get them out until Dec. 17th.  So the search is back on for a house or a place to park the RV:/  That is ok I was starting to have weird feelings about it and the location wasn’t sitting just right but who knows maybe it was timing not right.  The right place/situation will come along soon enough.  If nothing else comes thru since Business is picking up slightly enough to supplement we can afford an RV park at least now.  Never thought I would say we couldn’t afford at least that much but that has indeed been the case the past several months.  We have made do with resources guided our direction and for those little here and there helps we have survived and I am feeling an end of this long road coming to an end.

My…ok okay OUR… baby girl turns 16 in just eighteen short days.  I use to joke asking her when was she turning 18 again so I could be sure to have her going away party all set and ready, cash in hand to help her fill her tank and bags packed…now that that age is creeping closer to our doorsteps I am saddened that it is so close.  No it doesn’t mean she has to move out and in fact she can stick around.  In all honesty she is an amazing girl and figuring out what she wants…I am sure that it will change slightly as she gets into some of these things and she further figures out things that is or isn’t going to work in her life.  I am saddened that her last years before turning 18 we went from her father working 24/7 for nearly 10 yrs to being sick with cancer and fighting that off.  But at the same time I know it is shaping who she is to be and what she is to do.  She is just happy he is around to see her turn 16.  I think she realizes we are lucky he is still here.  She is my researcher if we don’t tell her something she will find the answers.

Inger and Benjamin are doing ok.  Benjamin still has some days of acting out esp on days Carl feels his worse.  He gets scared and worried when he sees this but there is nothing that can be done.  Having autism it is harder than for the girls as he can’t fully understand.  Inger is making out her Christmas list.

While I am at it as I know some family/friends have asked what do the kids want or interests for Christmas:

Kelda anything to do with books, ipods, music, guitars, horses, Twilight or Harry Potter she will be in love.  clothes best if you want to help in that dept to send gift cards for stores like Target or Walmart or something sadly she has my side of the family hips and some jeans fit better than others no set size.  OH or Debs this is her new favorite store…even Inger likes it here:)  Also anything to do with baking.  She is leaning towards going to pastry school.

Inger ART supplies…she loves drawing and has amazing talent!  Oh and clothes she is my clothes monkey she is a girls 16 slim now or jr.s 3/4 I think it was.  KHOLs is her newest fav place.  She said it is the best thing since she outgrew Gymboree which was a sad day for us both.

Benjamin he still loves his cows, tractors, cars.  Has added sheep to his mix this past few months and wants to find a farmer that has a bum lamb next spring.  Wrangler jeans is all he will wear and he is a boys 16!!  I just can’t believe he is nearly out of boys clothes where does the time go??!!

Ok now back to Carl lol.  He had his last Radiation treatment on Tuesday:)  Dr.s words were get as far from this place as you can and stay the hell away from here as long as you can!  Sadly he still has iv fluids for another week see how he is doing a week off from everything if all is going well then see one of his other dr.s for labs and follow up.  Mid December he will see his rads dr. again for ct scans and follow ups there.  For now that is all that is on the books.  Still seems like a lot but then at the same time it is drastically less than the past few months so I welcome the “break” no matter how small it may be.  He was placed on Morphine ER 30mg tablets due to the amount of pain and Hydrocodone was no longer helping and only making him more and more nauseas so now he will be in a stoned like state the next 10 days minimum but has 30 days worth, but was told the next 10days or so would be his roughest patch now that rads are done could be longer.

Dogs are doing well.  We are off to Bozeman as I have shoots this weekend.  Had several for this weekend then everyone suddenly realized it was the BIG Cat/Griz game and called to reschedule for Dec.  So the couple that was left I rescheduled them too for Dec only for today to get a last min. urgent call for senior session that they MUST be in by Dec. 1st so we are back to Bozeman.  It will be nice to see everyone now and again in a couple weeks 🙂

So that is all I have for now.  Been busy.  Business is picking up:) and right now I am feeling very positive about the outlook of our future though I have no clue where it is going.


3 thoughts on “DONE

  1. VM Sehy Photography says:

    Glad to hear that Carl is done with radiation for now. Hope he is feeling better. Also glad to hear that your business is picking up. Hopefully it’ll snowball and you’ll be able to make a living at it. You are so talented, I would be surprised if it didn’t work out.

  2. VM Sehy Photography says:

    I’m glad to hear you are all fine. I bet that was scary. I had to drive to a dental appoointment this morning. What I was thinking making one for me and my son at 8 am in November, I’ll never know. I drove very slowly. We don’t have snow tires on yet, so I’m very careful. Hope the truck wasn’t too damaged.

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