Perfect Storm

That is the best way to describe it!

The Beast saved our lives!

We went back and forth Thursday night to go or not go

I had a photo shoot for Bozeman on Saturday

Billings was finally getting first snow

We checked road reports

called local friends

we checked webcams even for areas that had one

Bozeman pass clear roads dry

It was slick from Billings to Columbus

swapped let Carl drive as he is better trained

for such situations

Made Big Timber met with customer there

parking lot was slick and getting into parking spot nearly

hit a car but luckily didn’t

again questioned do we continue or turn around

decided to continue on it would probably clear up soon

Yeah not so much

7 miles outside of Livingston we hit what could be

called the “perfect storm” someone was telling us

2 storm fronts colliding with winds from

2 differing directions, ice and though we were only going

50mph we started sliding on the ice.

Carl did his best and did all the right things for the situation

to prevent a spin out

but in the end before we really knew what hit us

our truck was on its side off the road.

Before I go any further I will say no other vehicles were involved

we were all wearing our seatbelts and some of us just have

some bruising we are all ok just shaken up a bit.

Today is 6 months since we found out about the cancer

Tuesday was his last radiation treatment

the only thing thru our minds was are you flippin serious??

We have driven in worse than this storm produced

The guy behind us saw us sliding and started slowing down

traffic he was in a box truck

He along with others stopped to help

called MHP got them out there by the time I was finally able to

get out of the truck.

I remember sliding, Carl cussing, vaguely remember hitting

and yelling for the kids to remain calm

I remember Inger frantically saying she can’t

unbuckle her seatbelt

remember a sigh of relief that I saw her get out the back window

next Kelda was out though I don’t recall her getting out

her dog Zander tugged at her hoodie on her jacket

Not sure if he was trying to get her out

or if she blacked out for a moment

as she doesn’t remember anything but holding

him tight to keep him from getting

all excited and trying to remain calm

so that he would be calm

and then I think Carl as I don’t remember

him ever getting out

only person in the truck with me left was Benjamin

as then the next thing I remember was him screaming he was stuck

My heart sank fearing the worse

turned out he couldn’t unbuckle his seatbelt

Turns out our back window latch busted on inpact

and Paige our wonderful dog nudged the window

open and drug Inger out

then went near the highway barking like maybe she

was flagging for help??  But people I guess were already

stopping to help and see that we were okay.

This in turn gave Kelda and her dog room to move

and get off Benjamin as he was behind driver seat

we landed on driver side down

Finally Benjamin was out!

I was the only one left inside upside down

couldn’t reach my buckle but even if I could have

and pressed the button I would have fallen and

gotten hurt further.  A couple guys were helping as was

Carl to get me out safely as possible..  they helped hold me  while

I braced my foot against dash so when Carl

released my buckle I didn’t fall

Carl took control of the situation the wrecker driver

in him took over it was like this switch flipped on

and for the first time in 10yrs he has done this

line of work I got to see what he did first hand

he has never had to help his own family so I am sure

it was nerve wracking on him.

Behind us was awesome people that stopped.

A gentleman driving a box delivery truck helped

slow traffic he and bring our stuff to town and another gentleman on his

way to Plains MT gave us rides to our destination.

I can’t say thank you enough to these people!!!

the one that had the girls even got them lunch while he made his

last delivery and then offered us his cabin

however being w/o a vehicle and the distance

from town it is we didn’t feel right going to have to rely on them or someone

to take us in and out as needed.  We are grateful that the offer

is there should it still be needed.

Luckily with Carls knowledge he turned

the engine off immediately and we have a cut

off switch to the fuel and he got that

turned off so hoping we avoid any serious

damage.  Carl thinks the engine could

be damaged.

new tail light needed

Until a few minutes ago it wouldn’t start

We have desperately been searching for a small car

then thanks to a wonderful friend

outside of the moment thought about repriming

the diesel THAT was it!!  THANK YOU Lane/DJ ♥ you!

The outpour of friends

1 who called in his AAA for a tow

another that paid for her session next month early

and brought it to the hotel

another our mechanic who came not once

but twice and maybe will be a 3rd time

to try and get our truck started

brought us a battery charger and then said it was ours to keep!

one that came by to offer to take me to the grocery

store so I could grab some food!

You don’t realize how many friends

you may have until a time of need arises and then

it really makes you sit back and say wow

Thank you is not enough but for now it is

what I have!!

The perfect storm brewed up the perfect

situation for those friends to come

out when we needed them.

It was a reminder that when life

may dish out lemons sometimes it also provides the sugar.

needs new door

Had I paid attention to the messenger animals sent to us just the day prior

we never would have made this trip but thinking back

to the animals that crossed our paths

I know they were there to say we know what

the choice is going to be but you will be taken care of

So now hopefully tomorrow we will find out if the truck

can safely make it back to Billings or if we are still

on the search for a car.

I know everything will work out as it should

I don’t know why this happened yet

but I am sure we will be shown the light

in the near future!  Thanks to all that

have helped it has been appreciated greatly


12 thoughts on “Perfect Storm

    • moosemama3 says:

      I tell you these past 6 months have just been unbelievable! I think there is more happen in these past months than 17 yrs… Seriously! the cancer, eviction for the first time, boss denying unemployment, kelda wisdom teeth, still watching her appendix or gall bladder and now this!! Really can’t wait for those greener pastures I don’t care how white it is out there lol.

  1. tatjannam says:

    Wow, Renee, first I am soooo Happy all of you are safe, and your story of the people who helped brought tears to my eyes, I am literally sitting here all choked up…I’m so so glad there are still people who care in this world and I cannot reiterate how happy I am that you all made it through safe and sound…Giant Hugs from our family to yours.

    • moosemama3 says:

      Guess I didn’t realize before with the go go life we were leading just how many amazing friends we had! I know when we left to come here I at one point said to the kids we were going home and they were like going home? We live in Billings now…haha your right…I had never called Bozeman home before ever. Really for a couple years before the cancer our “home” has been limbo and where ever we parked the rv. Just further out of sorts since the cancer. I really do despite this situation feel this is all turning around and I truly don’t feel we will be back to move to Bozeman area. Big Timber maybe at least that is approx 1/2 way between the 2 locations.

  2. VM Sehy Photography says:

    Wow! I was about to ask you how your truck faired. I’m glad you guys are alright. That must have been scary. I’m also glad that you had so many people looking out for you and helping you. Hope you all get a break soon. You guys deserve it.

  3. moosemama3 says:

    It is running and as you can tell from FB we are heading home in the morning:) Spent about $150 more on a hotel than planned but the kids had a nice break I suppose from “life” as of the past few months.

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