Bringing Magic to your Thanksgiving Dinner

Personally I think this is something we can all use right now:)  As we sit stuck in Bozeman area due to dangerous road conditions we hope to head out tomorrow morning as the storm should start to break off soon.  I am “bored” so to speak so cruising the web and for me that means jumping from site to site.  Photos are done just need to burn any disks necessary which I will get done before bed tonight.
Thanksgiving is the perfect time for the domestic witch to bring magic into a meal.  On a day that often sees family gather from near and far, it’s a great opportunity to infuse your meal with magical intentions and blessings.  What’s the difference between just cooking a meal and making it magical?  The knowledge of the traditional and/or magical correspondences of the ingredients, and cooking with intent.  While you measure, pour, mix and cook, think about what you are trying to infuse into the dish.  Additionally, you can hum or chant words or words about your intentions.  The following are some of the traditional foods and ingredients of a Thanksgiving dinner and their correspondences.
Main dishes
  • Tofu – used to promote healing and health
  • Turkey – eat to bring blessings
  • Pasta – spaghetti and linguine are eaten to promote protection
Side dishes
  • Yams – eat to attract good fortune
  • Potatoes – for healing and protection
  • Corn – promotes prosperity, helps relieve feelings of tension
  • Broccoli – eat to preserve health and for prosperity
  • Bread/bread stuffing – eat light bread to bond with deity, dark breads for prosperity
  • Cranberries – eat to help form bonds between people at your table
  • Squash – eat to help form deep bonds with friends, family, and lovers
  • Peas – eat for peace, increasing bonds of friendship and prosperity
  • Beer – drink for protection
  • Coffee – for increased stamina
  • Tea – green tea is consumed for health, black tea for love or desire
  • Wine – red wine is for love, white wine for cleansing or purification
Spices, herbs and flavorings
  • Oregano – can be used for prosperity, health and/or love
  • Marshmallow – for love and comfort
  • Butter – eat for prosperity
  • Mushrooms – for love
  • Sausage –  eaten to stave off the cold and decrease loneliness
  • Thyme – use to increase memory
  • Onion – eaten to dispel problems and anger
  • Garlic – eaten for protection
  • Rosemary – eat to increase mental clarity
  • Salt – used in cooking for prosperity and protection
  • Pepper – can increase desire or ward off someone unwanted, depending on your intent
  • Oysters – eaten for desire and fertility
  • Parsley – increases feelings of affection
  • Sage – increases feelings of gratitude
Pie and dessert ingredients
  • Pie – eaten to increase love of self and love for another
  • Pumpkin – eaten to honor loved-ones past
  • Rhubarb – feed to a spouse to help with fidelity, feed to children for protection
  • Blackberry – Heightens sexual bond in partners
  • Blueberries – eaten near the full moon, they bring protection to the physical body
  • Cherry – boosts self-confidence
  • Vanilla – promotes happiness and feelings of love
  • Molasses – used for increasing strength
  • Nutmeg – for luck and generosity
  • Walnuts – eat for prosperity
  • Peanuts – prevent poverty
  • Hazelnuts – bring wisdom
  • Pistachios – increase feelings of love and increase fertility
  • Pecans – bring financial security
  • Almonds – bring love
  • Pin nuts – increase desire
Infusing foods with positive intentions is something that can be done any day of the year, but why not take the time to make your Thanksgiving extra special by filling it with foods that can bring blessings, protection and more to your whole family?
A Wiccan Formulary and Herbal by A.J. Drew
Holland’s Grimoire of Magickal Correspondences by Eileen Holland
The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients by Lexa Rosean



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