Feeling Optimistic

Incredibly hard to explain…

When Carl went in nearly 7 months ago (next Tuesday)

I had a nagging feeling something was wrong

Today he had his fullbody CT scan

I don’t know if it is wanting it to be so

or if truly the scan will be a clear and free results.

THAT would be the most ultimate gift ever

what a way to end this year and begin 2011.

In a way I need to send an open THANK YOU for being a jerk to Carls EXboss

Mr. Gary Landers of Elite Towing

For all the grief from numerous bounced payroll checks,

non payment of our insurance, non payment over

the last few years to Social Security, the countless hours my husband

put into your business whom gave selflessly of himself not only because

we had goals, a family to feed and care for, bills to pay

but he rides for the brand until the brand ain’t paying anymore.

Technically guess he wasn’t paying for some time if

you count paychecks bouncing. Pretty sad when you

get the employees to the point of waiting to grab that

check on payday and race to see who can be first to not their bank

but that which the paycheck is drawn on so they can be sure to

get THEIR hard earned money.  The denial of our trying to get unemployment

in the early days after Carl was diagnosed with cancer…it would have

gone a long way to helping us out financially…$1600/mo was far

more than the measly well less than $800 we have had to try and raise

our family of 5 on this year.

So why would I thank a jerk like this…

For oh so many reasons

Primarily the cancer came at such a time we were at the

end of our rope w/this company but had a goal to begin fulltime RVing by fall

so was sticking it out.

Here is to hoping plans will get back on track soon.


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