It most definitely is as many know the ct scan came back free from cancer!!!!

There have been blessings abundant this season

some angels and santa’s helpers that have all made this

a great Christmas not just for the kids but for us as well

Memories made

So to end this crazy year:

over the past few weeks

we found an rv park -with openings- that we can semi afford,

Carls tests came back no cancer and doesn’t

need to go back for 3 months,

the kids got some gifts on their wish lists,

that alone was the best gift I as a mom could have gotten

a HUGE thank you to Santa for visiting them in person

and delivering them I think it went a long

way to helping after what this year has brought.

Santa’s helper and amazing angel that whispered in Santa’s ear

you have no clue how much you mean to our family.

I know this particular angel has been let down in the past

by the human nature that took advantage

of her generous heart in giving and giving, but I hope she

knows just how amazing she is and how much she is loved

THEN as we are nearing the new year and knowing

I will undoubtedly need to find a job of sorts as Carl won’t be able

to just yet as he continues to heal from treatments

I got a job that I will be able to work MY business

and get it off the ground and still doing what I love.

The New Year has not yet begun but I already feel as if it will

be a great year!!

Merry Christmas to all and if I don’t blog

again until after the new year

have a great rest of this one and may

you have many blessings!!





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