Not only will this be my yearly list but broken down will have to be worked on daily…taken in small groups and go from there:)

My New Year’s Resolutions are my Daily Resolutions too
Below you will find a long list of “resolutions”. This can be daunting especially if you think of doing them everyday. But no really, I do not have to do them all every day…just a reminder list to help keep me on track.


  1. Exercise daily. This is more for Carl but is good for all and I figure if I am going daily he will go with me.
  2. Expect the best from people. After the year we have had that may not be too hard to accomplish
  3. Keep a journal. Since Blogging I haven’t really journaled which I am proud of myself to blog more.  I came across journals I did until Benjamin was 3yrs old…when my dad passed.  There are hit or miss memos since but no real journal and I love to sit and look back some things I had forgotten about.
  4. Read about inspirational happenings-there’s enough negative in the world
  5. Plan a schedule for the month. I had to do this when I was a district manager -Be flexible though LIFE HAPPENS and sometimes there is just nothing you can do about it.
  6. Review your priorities in life. When you know your priorities, it is easier to make decisions.
  7. Drink a lot of water.Always bring water wherever you go. I do this already and pop rarely if ever drink it anymore
  8. Send birthday cards to your friends. REALLY need to work on this one since email era and now Facebook I am awful about snail mail stuff THAT MUST CHANGE this year.  I love all the cards and letters I have stashed away from over the years.
  9. Improve my work every single day. Since the cancer scare and the what ifs I realized yes I love photography which I and everyone around me always knew, I went back to work not long after my dad passed away because of what ifs in life and I a fulltime sahm which I love doesn’t pay the bills in what life may send your way.  It wasn’t fitting for my style in the corporate world. So I left to venture my own business but with Carls pay I never pushed it really like I am now and the rewards are slowly coming in so DAILY I need to really keep pushing forwardJ try something new to improve results.
  10. Find a mentor. Be always thankful to them. They helped you grow. I have had a few that have gotten me to the point I am now and no matter how much you may love them…someone else always has more for you to learn so keep your eyes open.
  11. Eat more health food.We changed a lot of our eating habits but with the holidays the kids and I slipped into some of yummies we love but now back on track!
  12. Find more heroes. Heroes are everywhere. If someone helped out with something even if minor help them feel better about themselves by telling them they are your hero it will make you both feel good.
  13. Smile at strangers. Do this as if they are your long lost friends.
  14. Don’t settle for anything less than excellence.  Hmm wonder if I should scrap this one maybe it is why I never feel accomplished??  Will need to ponder this one!
  15. Savor life’s simplest pleasures. They are everywhere.
  16. Say no to distractions. HAHA well I will sure try as I am easily distracted.
  17. Study how to grow my business.
  18. Walk in the woods. So peaceful
  19. Write thank you letters to those who’ve helped you. I have great intentions to do so but then never do
  20. Forgive those who’ve wronged you. Why not list their names? Pray for them. This is one reason I named out Carls ex-boss…was to Thank or forgive him just trying to get a jumpstart on the new year.  It is really him I do feel sorry for because I know when his Karma bubble busts it is not going to be pretty.
  21. Create unforgettable moments with those you love.
  22. Have 5 great friends. Facebook friends are fine. But look for friends that will enrich your life.
  23. Be content with what you have. Be happy about the blessings given to you. If nothing else this was a HUGE thing learned in 2010 and hope to improve upon in 2011
  24. Pursue your dreams. I want a business and not work for someone else so time to get serious
  25. Celebrate the success of others. Have fun every time your friends and the people around you become successful. Do it also to your clients. They are also part of your life too, right? I know many of my clients have ended up as friends
  26. Serve your customers the best way you can. Always find a way to make good better and better bestJ
  27. Have a vision – Write it down. Speak about it. Encourage people to have a vision too.
  28. Know your strengths. Build your skills based on your strengths.
  29. Focus your mind on your talents and make the most of them. Stop thinking about what you do not have. Make use of what you have and grow them. Eventually, you’ll get what you do not have when the lessons have been learned and the time is right.  We have great friends in CO …Kata and Michael and this is something Kata said to me a few years back and now I am starting to finally fully learn this one…thanks for these wordsJ
  30. Speak the truth always. And be silent when being silent is best for people. Boy this one is hard to be silent sometimes my mouth goes before I think it thru!
  31. Travel more for leisure and learning.  May not be fulltime Rving but we will make the most of what is givenJ
  32. Honor your parents.I feel my mom and I have been working on our relationship and is improving hope to continue this.
  33. Spend time in the mountains. Be one with nature.
  34. Shift from being too busy to achieving results. You have only 24 hours in a day. Remind yourself of your own advice. Proceed with action.
  35. Learn more on herbals and uses
  36. Stress less and believe more in the “what’s meant to be will be” where I believe it sometimes is hard to remember in the moment that all will work out as it should.

Most of all make the best 2011 can possibly be for YOU!!!  There are going to be bumps in the road of travels but that is ok you will learn from them and keep going.  Wishing you and yours the best:)


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