June 14, 1993

Diary Entry….

I have to find out more about a wrangler here at the Shoshone Lodge.  I saw him when I was getting out of Kat/Kris’ van and is there such thing as love at first sight??  Kat says he is too old for me.  I think he’s cute…Cowboy? part wolf dog? wears Wranglers? hmmm He just turned 34 could he possibly be interested in a 18 yr old?  Our birthdays are only 4 days apart.  Kinda cool actually my birthday being the 6th, great grandma Rosies is the 8th and his is the 10th.  He is so super nice and funny.  Oh and listens to Chris LeDoux!!  I realize Russ and I just broke up maybe there was a reason for it, maybe there is something more for my future.  We will remain as friends I hope, we are both young and lots of life ahead of us.


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