October 19, 1993

Been in Jackson Hole for about a week or so now…it is GORGEOUS here!!  First thing Carl did was take me to a Knife Shop…I have no interest in knives but whatever he seems to care about what I like so I will take part and see what he is interested in as well.  I think the owners names were Ken and Meri can’t remember for sure but they seemed fond of Carl and vice versa.  

He took me to Coral West and bought me a gorgeous Black leather jacket with purple and black fringe it is amazing it was for our one month anniversary.  We are staying at a place called Old West Cabins.  Managers here are Emmy Lou and David they are pretty nice so far.  Guess Carl has stayed here before. 

We found jobs up at Spring Creek Resort he in maintenance and I in housekeeping.  Housing is really expensive here in order to do anything else we both might have to get a 2nd job.  I want to still pay my way on things.  I am no longer signing my checks over to my mom.  She said it was my obligation to the family to help out with my dad sick and she wasn’t able to work because she has my sisters and brother to care for.  She has gotten nearly all my summers pay.  I lived merely off my tips.  I think this is why Carl left me such large tips.  Doesn’t matter from here on out I won’t be signing my checks over to her nor leaving her blank checks with my signature to my account.  I told her we aren’t having sex but pretty sure she doesn’t believe me but whatever.  I don’t care.  Daddy said he pretty much knew we were just to be careful doesn’t want me having babies before I am ready.  And I am not ready.  I am taking a home study course on photography shall see how that goes, plus working..I don’t have time for a baby.



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