Dreams and Animal Spirit Guides

As I mentioned in the last blog I am having very vivid dreams again

Been awhile since this has happened

but I do believe they are for whatever path I am to follow

without them giving me too much information just dropping hints

here and there.

This week Animals are coming out of the woodworks fast and furious….

Creatures I don’t typically come across and they are like right in my face

obvious of hello here I am can you hear me

and immediately all I think about is Carl while he was in the hospital in his not totally with me moments asking

where was my book.  I looked at him puzzled for a moment

he said you know your book the one you are always losing

I thought and thought for a second and then was like OH my Animal Spirit Guide book

he said yes that’s the one.  I said honey that is at home in my closet beside the bed

he said okay don’t lose it.

This conversation took place when I felt things weren’t going in the

direction we had hoped for.

I now look back and think it was his way of saying this is how

I will be communicating with you.

This week I have nearly hit a Turkey that was right at the white line

getting ready to cross the road I stopped in time to not only not hit the turkey

but to look over and there was several out int he field

Next day (Yesterday in fact) The largest most beautiful yellow butterfly flew right

in front of the driver side of my car as I was getting in.

 I turned to watch and follow where it would fly for a moment soaking in its’ beauty

Next I would be coming home from meeting with customer last night

when I drove over a snake…fortunately not killing it but it was very

much alive….must admit made me squirm at the mere thought

So what would these creatures have to tell me:

The Turkeys exact meaning only became clear this morning after I opened facebook

One of the possible meanings is that of Volunteering time in a selfless service for

some organization that you want to support… as many know I have donated

much time to various animal shelters.

This morning there was a touching story and one very close to my own

situation in losing Carl.  This poor girl has lost her human to Cancer and needs

a ride to PA from MT.  I will be going to NJ in June so felt the need to respond

if the timing works out for all involved I will take her with us.

The timing does work so we will have a fur friend to take with us much of the trip there.

Thank you Turkey for helping me keep my eyes open to this beautiful gift of being able

to help out.

The Butterfly

A couple of the meanings feel as if they apply:

1. It’s time to make the changes you’ve been considering

2. In spite of the challenges, you’ll get through this transition

and always, know that “this too shall pass.”

I have been feeling a move is in our future… Texas to be exact.

We had been discussing Texas for awhile now with the winters such as they are in MT

and the cancer taking so much out of Carl he felt they were too much for him

Only I thought our journey would be together and really it will be as I know

he will be with us when the time comes.

This change will be coming by this fall.  I won’t be leaving my customers behind however

I have always loved to travel and find it will be perfect

I still get to spend time in beautiful Montana yet while we venture

onto a new life in Texas.  I was born there as many know and we moved when I was in 5th grade to Wyoming

so in a way I am going home

It has been calling for some time and the calls are coming louder and clearer so

I know the time is near.

Next ick snakes sorry not a fan of the creatures but

it made itself very apparent to me.

Again a couple possibles that maybe even go hand in hand:

1. You’re about to go through some significant personal changes, so intense and dramatic

that an old self will metaphorically die as a new self emerges.

2. You’ll experience a dramatic and unexpected physical or emotional healing very soon,

coming from an unexpected source.

The dreams portion of things have been interesting and sketchy but very

much alive and near and enough I am remembering bits and pieces.

from stairs to doors and even visitors

the stairs may well have to do with my missing Carl so much

but also has meaning since I was going up the stairs in this dream

is a sign of excellent luck…kinda need this after the things that have taken place this year.


the open door in a dream implies that this is the right time to make

changes and initiate various actions that will lead to renewal.

Even if this does not look “sure” and the dreamer is deliberating

whether this is really the time to make changes,

the dream hints that he has no reason to deliberate

since every change will be for the best and will

lead to success and prosperity in many spheres.


To have someone come to visit you means that someone will be bringing news.

Whether or not it’s good news or bad news depends on other symbols in the dream.

This I am not sure.  Funny thing is it was my boss’ from Chicago whom

I have never met in person and with pending move and transfer

and putting together with everything else that has crossed

my path I can only pray it is on the good side of things 🙂

So in all putting these things together change is on the horizon

and sounds like as long as I follow the path as it is shown

everything will fall into place as it should.

Soooo basically guess it is time for this:


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