To my dear husband

Not sure what is coming over me tonight

Another night in the roller coaster of this awesome journey

that I must walk

maybe you are near

but the tears flow

my heart aches deeply

In just a couple days it will be 7 months since you placed

your cowboy hat on me, kissed me put your strong arms around me

and said

its going to be okay

You caressed my face

as you left thru those doors that changed our lives forever

Being around cowboys as long as I have

I know when they take it off and hand over that hat

they are going in for a fight

You went in for the fight of your life

you fought a good battle

“I need to be where I can see those Rocky mountains, ride my horse and watch an eagle fly and when I die you can bury me beneath these western skies”- Chris Ledoux

One of our many fav Chris songs…

I still have your ashes, not ready to let them go…I may never be

maybe when it is my time to go

the kids can release us both in the mountains where we met outside

of Yellowstone all those years ago.

You stole my heart when you stayed at a temp summer job

because you shook on it to stay the season

I tell everyone it was your dog (wolf mix), wrangler butt and hat

I remember saying don’t be impressed cowboy I like your dog

but really it was your integrity and being a man

of your word all on a handshake.

I can’t smell leather w/o thinking of all your amazing work

over the years… kinda wish I had more of it still to pass on to the kids

but you chose to sell much of it to help with finances

when you were down with your knee injury

When you were feeling out how I really felt about said these words:

If you climb in the saddle, be ready for the ride, could I live

with a broke cowboy that couldn’t buy me much but promised to care

for me… you used a Chris song when you officially


You always held me tight when I wasn’t sure with what life

tossed our way, even the day you went in

I know how scared you were facing the battle of your life

and where I tried to comfort you… it was your strong arms

around me to give me the strength to continue fighting for us both

LOL I remember when you bought me the dully

and the frame for the truck tags: silly cowboys…trucks are for cowgirls

you said there was no point in having one truck

I would take yours so we had to have 2.

Today is just one of those saddle up a horse, ride towards the horizon, and never look back kind of days.

But here I sit listening to your wind-chimes,

can’t help that I am going down memory lane

missing you dearly.

Wishing you were here to put your arms around

me so that I can feel that security once again..

I want to honor your wishes and move on

but when it comes down to it… no one comes close to comparing to the

rare treasure I had in you.

I am strong this I know

I will be fine..this I know

but my heart aches only for you

I know whomever I am with will never replace you

the amazing husband and father

but will need to enhance and add to my life

As we discussed you are going to have to show him to me

open my eyes that he is the one

thus far I haven’t seen anyone

I am thinking this one will take longer than the rest

of the to do list, the heart is still far too hurt and not ready.

I miss the company

I can sit here with all the what ifs and whys but it comes down to

Being afraid of doing something and not doing it because of worrying

about how it will end could be the greatest mistakes you will make.

We could have chosen to not do surgery

but what if the Dr. was right you had only a couple months

if you did nothing… granted as it turned out

you only had a couple months with doing something

I know everything happens for a reason…

I still believe this with every fiber of my being

I just wish I understood why

our forever was cut short

and in time I know I will see a little more light

You lived by the motto:

If I don’t fit your social class…you can kiss my country ass 🙂

I use to tell you that you were socially unacceptable

and really and truly you were, but I loved you anyhow

Being loved deeply by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

I think this fits us perfectly, our hands fit like a glove

your kisses and just one look always swept me off my feet

we had our bumps, we worked our way thru and overcame

Tomorrow I am going to pick myself up, dust off but for tonight I am living memories

of you, of us…

every time I hear a love song,

every time I see a happy couple,

every time I find a saying about love,

every time I think of you instantly.

I saw a falling star tonight

maybe just maybe it was a kiss from you to me

to say you are here, cheer up everything is going to be okay.

In life we are given two hands, two eyes, two legs, and two ears.

but  only one heart…it was so we can find the other one and you definitely

were the other one.


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