In Grief….and healing



Others have walked this path you can too.


You set your own pace,
there is no too fast or too slow
You define what healing is for you.
In Grief there is joy, peace and purpose for your life
If you are willing to take the action you can find it.
No one but you can define your Grief or your healing
And no one but you can do the work of your Grief for your Healing but you.
You are not alone together we can Walk through Grief.
I have met many wonderful beings walking this path that I now walk
Doing Better
How many times have I found myself suddenly crying
I say…”I thought I was doing better”
Society as a whole makes you feel you should grieve in private.
Doing better is feeling and expressing the pain
while still allowing space for love, hope and peace.
Will the tears end…I don’t know that answer yet
will the pain ever go away? I don’t know
Will life be as it once was?
I suspect the answer to this one is NO
How can it be the same
BUT I can take the love we once shared
and help show another
what is possible especially if they have never
had the joy of experiencing it.
My hope bracelet that once was so bright, shiny and blingy
broke the other day during a photo session 😦 A closer look
and I realized it is now tarnished
Though my Hope is not broken or tarnished
Grief is… funny
I am often told how strong I am
I laugh thinking if only they knew how
weak and fragile I feel on the inside
I have had feelings of being weak, scared and at times invisible
but thru my kids I find strength, courage, and power to move forward
Even wisdom when I over look something
Today as I sit and ponder
these feelings and just how
intense love is and how real pain feels
I firmly believe a broken heart can’t heal when hidden
and not given a chance
to be friended, to be loved, to be healed
Grief gives opportunities
of new chapters or doors if you will
that are open
Maybe not the ones we ever imagined
leaving us curious where it will lead
Question is do you walk thru
or leave the door closed?
Grief is now my teacher
I hope that I can learn from it
whatever lessons are to be learned
The journey is challenging
a lonely uphill climb.
Hope and Time is Griefs companions
I once desired to never lose the one I loved
but it happened
 In order to find hope  we need to look at what do we desire?
To have our loved ones back?
Well there is no hope of that
and if that remains our only desire than there is no hope.
What other things do we desire or hope for?
A content life?
Loving relationships?
A life with purpose?
There is hope for all these things and more.
Look around you, hope is walking with you when you are ready to see it.
Take your time it is your friend
When I look back and see what our family has gone thru
the past 2 1/2 yrs of this journey
I see how far each step has brought us.
This also gives me hope of the maybes of tomorrow
I have run into someone that I really like
he has been broken, hurt etc
so like me on different levels he too is Fragile
he has an amazing heart thru it all
yet not letting others in as a way to protect
I took yesterday to really go over our time together
Unintentionally I ended up hurting him like others in the past
I was looking for words
he was giving actions which should have spoken louder than words
In some ways he gave words that I did’t fully hear
My daughter says I am stubborn and often times
overlook the obvious
I can’t fix the past hurts, but I can sit, hug, listen and most importantly…
have love for the person he is.
Thru these actions everything else will fall into place.
At the end of each day..take a moment
to celebrate surviving.
Give yourself space, time, patience, acceptance, and love

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