So long 2012

I had emotions overwhelm me that I never anticipated

I had hit a point I absolutely could not wait to say good riddance to 2012

It is the year that took my husband I didn’t want to see it any longer I wanted to see 2013

But then Dec 31st came

I cried because it was the last day of the last year I shared with my husband

Suddenly I no longer wanted it gone…it was like another final nail in the “coffin” so to speak.

Another milestone reached

How could I survive all the other holiday festivities

becoming stronger with each passing minute, event, moment, day, week etc

and we get to this one day I never thought would impact me in such a fashion

But it has

Though between the kids and a friend I wasn’t alone for the evening hours

I spent the entire first part of the day crying

to the point I didn’t even realize when my friend came over my face

was all red and puffy and I hadn’t cried in a couple hours

if that tells you anything and he even asked if I was okay

and wanted to make sure he wasn’t the cause

and of course he wasn’t

The night was spent getting some repairs done

that desperately in need of attn things I had no idea

where to start in how to take care of some I never thought about

they were Carl’s territory of knowledge

Funny you don’t realize how granted you take that someone

just takes care of some things until you are like

oh yeah I knew that but forgot because I never had to before

These next weeks are going to be interesting, crazy, emotional 

and well really I don’t know what else they will bring

But we are nearing the end of firsts

I remain hopeful that 2013 is an amazing year

I already survived the worse thing that I could have

been dealt and survived so after this the new year has to be heads and tales better

To you I wish you a very Happy New Year!!!


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