Grandma Weaver


4yrgengrandma 60, great gma 76, mom 31 and me 16

This photo was taken at her surprise birthday party she had no

clue we were coming from Wyoming just to celebrate with her 🙂

13yrs ago I was due April 29th with my son.  I actually wanted to be late by 2 days

so he could born on May 1st not for any other reason than to be born on the

most beautiful lady of my childhood…my grandmothers birthday

She passed away Feb 2000 while I was pregnant with him

Instead of 2 days late he came a month early on April Fools day

So I got my first of the month birthdate guess I just didn’t specify MAY well enough

She helped raise me since I was a baby until we moved to Wyoming

when I was in middle school and we left Texas

I will never forget lemons for snacks,

Blue Bell icecream always in the freezer,

Fresh cakes and getting to lick the beaters,

Folgers coffee smell in the kitchen,

A/C in like every room it seemed,

Never a day w/o makeup even if going no where,

painting my nails with her always wanting red,

me always playing dress up with her high heels,

how she dolled up her toy poodles from bows to toenails painted

even put them in a playpen they were her babies after her kids

were all grown

She always said shoot fire vs cussing

then one day she was looking in the fridge and she said shitfire

I said uhhhmm grandma I am telling my mommy you cussed

she said that was okay because she was my mommys

mommy and could say what she wanted lol

There was a very dark side of life growing up with

her that I choose to block and not think about

however do lecture my kids about

as a result of watching as I grew up

I knew what in men I would never accept in my life

she made me promise to never let a man treat me like

my grandfather treated her

I promised and cried why didn’t she ever leave

the only answer I ever got was she made her bed and had to lie in it 😦

I didn’t understand then what I do now

and all I can say

I wish she had -had a better life but I know she loved more as a result

with the purest of hearts from the most hurt of pains

She may not have led by example but her words

have always been with me and lessons learned from watching

Happy Birthday Grandma Weaver you are loved and missed daily

My only sadness is she never saw my kids in person

only thru pictures did she watch them grow

Life is too short, too precious and slips away without notice

Cherish what is here today


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