Day 5 Gratitude


Rain is grace;
Rain is the sky condescending to the earth;
without Rain, there would be no life. 
Some people walk in the Rain, others just get wet.
I love Rain…the pitter patter sounds
Watching it dance in the streets so soothingly
Fresh clean smell as it cleanses the earth and cools her down
Balance out the sunny days
And now Rain normally means an unexpected day off with my future husband.  As his line of work can’t really be done in the rain.
It doesn’t come without frustration some days they still have to drive to work site and try.
Rain can cause cancelations if I have outdoor photo shoots
Rain brings my body pain
But we have to learn to dance in the Rain for brighter tomorrow’s and a day closer to our goals.


Today it rains today I have some aches but there’s a chance I get to spend it with my family together in the warm loving arms of an awesome man.

Today I am thankful for the Rain that drops from above.


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