Day 6 Gratitude


3 amazing lives I have had the pleasure of being a mom to. I debated long and hard when to put them in my 30 days. Part of me thought day 1 so I chose to be grateful for life instead since a part of that life will soon be the joy of stepmom equalling a 4th LIFE.  Each of them have brought some kind of amazing gifts with them when they were born. I don’t know where their paths will lead them all I can do is guide them til time to spread their wings and fly.


Kelda is following her dreams and proving to be the strong independent person I have known since she was an infant. Always stubborn and headstrong. 1 month from today will be 19…so hard to believe I am old enough to be the mom of a college student.


My sweet princess Inger brings so much life to whomever she meets. Shes a very gifted young lady and blossoms daily and wows everyone around her no matter what she says or does. I know she will go far in everything she sets her mind to.


My son Benjamin though totally unplanned always keeps me on my toes of whats next to come. He never leaves room for a dull moment. He is very smart and most days quiet the gentleman. I would be lost without him.


And then there is Gabriel and where he is not mine biologically he is a big part of my future husbands heart. Gabe is such a delight to be around and pretty darn smart for his age. Has his dads gorgeous eyes. Also quiet the young man. I have enjoyed time spent with him from trip to Yellowstone, fishing, swimming, drag races to after dark paper plane races and he giving me his prize winning plane because he wanted me to win. He stole my heart much like his dad.

I am beyond blessed by each of their presence in my life. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of yours 🙂



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