Photography Passion


That’s no surprise to those that know me

What you may not know is how it got started

For my 15th birthday I was asked by my grandmother what did I want

I said a camera

I received my first 35mm

My very first photo taken with it was of her

orange streaks thru the photo and all I still own and LOVE that photo of her


Today she is no longer with us she passed away shortly after my 2nd baby Inger was born

Before her it was her sister and after it was her son aka dad..

since her we have lost my other grandmother and her sister

My late husband the kids father and others

I have a deep passion for taking photos and as I tell my customers

that don’t want to be in photos…

these aren’t for you they are for the ones you leave behind

Today I am thankful to have a gift, passion and love for preserving memories

for generations to come


I look back at really old day pics and think my goodness I am glad I loved

the camera

I had a passion of wanting to remember the moment

because let me tell you with the exception of the accidental

good photo…my pictures sucked

Back then I thought they were all awesome

back then I didn’t know the basics

back then all I knew is I liked having the memories saved


I use to think a better camera would result in better photos

funny I got better camera but guess what I didn’t get better photos

It took turning that passion into learning the ins and outs

about light, composition, developing and teaching my eyes what to look for

Don’t get me wrong better cameras can help you

if you know how to use the tools at hand


I have some say oh whats a good camera I need to make some extra money

It isn’t a quick buck

Where over the years I have learned and grown a lot to hone in my love

And where I try and get it right in the camera to cut down on

after time editing you still spend lots of time on the computer

editing and enhancing your art


It doesn’t matter whether you use your tablet, cellphone,

cheap disposable (do these still exist??),

or get something with interchangeable lenses

Preserve your memories because you don’t know if that passion

will turn into something you truly learn the art of and support your family someday

you never know when that might be the last or some cases as I have experienced the only

photo of that special one in your life.

Happy Shooting 🙂


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