Beginning the Journey back South

Well as many know we are headed back South.  We thought we were headed to Las Vegas NV.  My sister, brother and their families are there.  It is warmer so would be less pain on me vs the harsh Northern winter.  When we headed back to Montana in January I truly thought I could do it.  At first I thought I was right.  Since taking Skinny Fiber not only have I been able to eat without starving myself and lose weight/inches, I sleep better at night, my hair is growing, nails are growing like crazy, and even the aches have drastically lessened.  Then one storm totally dropped me like a hot rock for 3 days.  Brad got his first real taste in what I have dealt with for years.  He didn’t like that I agreed to move back to a place that caused me so much pain so that he could be close to his son.  He said this is not okay esp since he still didn’t see his son any more than he did when seeing him every 2 mos while he worked on the road.  So we talked decided lets go south but question is where.  Warmer truly is all we knew.  I miss having family near so lets try Vegas.  It didn’t totally sit right for either of us but we figured we would visit see how it felt and if nothing else maybe on a beach somewhere.  I said pick a spot for back up he said Corpus Christi Texas.  I said really- seriously the last 2 times I have done Texas this past year I had allergies flare up I never knew existed …Texas may be in this girls veins and deep in my roots, but I am allergic to the state lol so lets just make NV work.


So saying goodbye to eye candy Montana skies for warmer pastures


We celebrate Gabes 7th Birthday,



I had my dr. appointment which btw my bp is down was 115/118 now 134/88 and dr. is pleased said whatever I am doing keep doing it 😉 thank you SF another thing on the list you have helped with.  I had what the dr. said as nothing more than the common cold.  We head out plan to stay in Casper its a Weds night shouldn’t be an issue getting a hotel.  Guess again tournaments of all sorts from cheer, wrestling to pool leagues.  20 hotels and all packed…1 had a queen bed suite but no place other than the floor for the kids so we decided to go to next town of Douglas….at least I always thought that was the next town.  Turns out there is a town called Glenrock in between… I had never paid attn that it was there before.  We continue on our way calling hotels in Douglas they too are packed.  Suddenly truck dies without warning…are you flipping kidding me I am sick to death of vehicle issues enough is enough already.  Turned out to be timing belt which was my sinking fear.  I had that happen to me a few years ago in my Neon only the engine was destroyed.  HOWEVER this time I didn’t hear a clunking sound.  I call back the hotel that had a room she said sorry she just rented it have you tried Glenrock. I said where is that?  Turns out we had just passed the exit for it.  I call AAA get them going on our call, start calling hotels in this town of Glenrock.  There is one room left.  First the lady said she is packed.  I said are you serious we broke down and really need something and every hotel was taken in Casper too.  She said well I do have one room on the 3rd floor no elevators and there is 3 beds I could rent out.  I said I had no choice we will take it.  She said you will be here in 30 mins right. I said we will be there when a towtruck arrived.  She said oh okay.  I asked if she knew of a mechanic she said not really they had just bought the place a little over a year ago.



AAA arrives, tows us to town, drop off the truck, get to this very historic hotel.  Kinda felt like it should be a bed and breakfast but its not.  Definitely rustic for the time era it was built.  As we check in the owner and I chitchat- find out they had moved there from Texas.  I said funny I am from Texas where are you from….interesting she is from Corpus Christi.  Brad and I immediately look at each other and kinda gave a hmmm think we need to talk after we get settled look.  She escorts us to our room.




Everything mind you in this building is of the era in which this historic hotel was built

except where Brad and I chose to sit and chat we look over and see this sitting on the table….



A lonely seashell.

So lets recap a few things that drastically change the direction of this adventure and we shift our sails.

We can’t get a room middle of the week every hotel but one in a town we have never paid attn that it existed, we break down here, the owners are from the very town we discussed as backup plan, out of this whole hotel there is nothing sea about it and we end up sitting in front of the only seashell in the whole 3 story building. Think Nevada is not our destination.

This isn’t the end of the adventures of Glenrock however…..

I can honestly say I don’t remember much and most of the photos Brad took as I was too sick.  I rapidly went from common cold to feeling like I was on my death bed….literally.  I was so sick I started puking up blood.  There is no hospital in this town so was just praying I didn’t get worse before the truck was ready.  Cat is going psycho never leaving Ingers side at night and would only come to my bed during the day.  Brad was creeped out as soon as we entered the door to the hotel.  We slept uneasy the first night beyond that I was up all hours coughing and struggling breathing.  First day there while we awaited to hear from mechanic Brad walked up and down the first two levels hallways and noticed the room numbers are in different order than they are on the 3rd floor.  3rd floor was completely opposite the other 2 levels. He started noticing the maid left all doors open on the 3rd floor as she rushed in and out cleaning she hurriedly would ask if we needed anything and immediately say okay thank you and leave.  She didn’t do this on the other floors.  He wanted to research this hotel but kept spacing it as he grew more and more worried about me, he was taking care of me and keeping an eye on the kids that they minded themselves.  During the night and taking me up and down the stairs to go outside for fresh air he kept swearing I was saying something.  Each time I hadn’t spoken a word.  Finally 3rd day I was getting worse yet and he was worried he was going to have to call an ambulance- however this meant he and the kids would have to stay behind, but I was growing weaker and he wasn’t sure what to do.  He knew getting me out of the hotel for fresh air could only be good and he needed to go get money from the ATM because the mechanic didn’t accept credit cards nor out of state checks.  Truck was said to be done by Saturday… so finally got me dressed and on our way.  Get to ATMs in town…few to choose from and they wouldn’t work.  He started stressing for sure at this point though he was trying to not let me know.  I knew he was yet was so sick I couldn’t focus on this.  That very night …Friday night at 9 p.m. mechanic called said he rushed thru and got our truck fixed so we could be on our way.  Mind you each day we paid for another night the owner would ask if we wanted a new room.  I was seriously too ill to move so we declined figured whatever I had contracted was best confined to one room.  Brad still thinks people in town had something to do with the rush job on the truck.  People stared as we walked to the store seeing how pale I looked.  Even the cashier asked if I was okay and we said yes and we were staying at hotel due to truck breaking down.  There was a 2 week out wait but somehow we were pushed to the beginning of the line. Some of the photos Brad took he would delete and try again only regardless they blurred.  Saturday morning Brad finally found ATMs to give him cash and he went paid for truck. Came back fully expecting to get kids going and things packed.  I somehow had managed enough to get kids up and had them started in packing up.  I felt the need to get out of this place.  He and the kids got the truck loaded then he came back to get me and I nearly passed out getting down the stairs.  I was pretty much relying on him to get me down. Inger kept wanting to do EVPs maybe I should have let her.  She didn’t have equipment to do so anyhow but she is really wishes she did.


trying to take photo down the hall towards our room always came out super blurry no matter what


Ghost figures in this photo


Stop in Douglas to get Gas and Inger sees this in the mirror so took my phone and got a photo said I could see it and laugh later


We get to Denver and see this….We laugh and say you missed a hotel in Wyoming you should check out…kinda half joking.


Freaky…. the room showed here in this video I discovered when researching Historic Higgens Hotel is the room we were in on 3rd floor. We now believe we were in the notorious room 302 but due to the hauntings wrap it has is why the numbers were all opposite the first two floors.  Cat was even going crazy in this room he even puked and he has never puked. He did a lot of hissing and spent a lot of his daytime hours by the window pacing and looking up jumping at wall etc.  I think Misha saw things of the spirit world.  I felt my dads presence on many occasions and believe if there was an evil force he was protecting us from the beginning….from the non blown engine to keeping whatever evil spirits as at bay as he could. 

I have started feeling better ever since we left however still have some bits of whatever made me sick.  Yet no one else has managed to get sick.  I still now and then hear a rattle in my chest but each passing day feel better and have more strength.  For now resting and visiting Kelda sad to know in a couple weeks we will be on our way and have to say good bye.  I have no plans to ever revisit the town of Glenrock.  We stayed in a hotel here in Denver when we initially got here to rest up a bit because we thought I was seriously contagious but now researching and piecing it all together not so sure that I am.


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