Soooooo after my last blog post Brad finally made decision he was done with oil and gas. We headed back to Montana to be closer to his son. I knew the storms would cause me great pain but I am not going to come between a man that wants his child in his life despite the relationship he and the mom has.


We had fun taking scenic drives sledding some hiking even hit up some museum time etc


I weathered the first storms okay. I give a lot of thanks to a product I started taking called skinny fiber. Met up with friends we hadn’t seen in some time got Benjamin into grief counseling as his anger was getting worse. Only to find out she wanted to refer him for more neuro psych exams. She believes the Dr that wanted to dx him with aspergers years ago but Carl wouldn’t allow labels or further testing did in fact know something wasn’t quite right. But she doesn’t believe it is aspergers but rather a condition called executive functioning disorder.


Brad has definitely been a great deal of help with Benjamin from getting him to do school work to calming down his anger. He even bought a puzzle for the two of them to put together but Benjamin lost interest rather quickly.


Games of chess to kill some long boring cold wintery days.



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