Words from his heart


Words of our journey from the incredible man that entered my life during a time of sorrow proving that I could be happy again. On many levels we showed each other.

June of last year…2013. I started talking to a lady. I found my self interested in her journey. She was a young widow.  I want to know her. Hear her story. What is this love that keeps someone around tell the end. I know nothing of a love like this. I wanted a love like that. But was interested in her, talking about her journey through life and to be widow so young. As this southern lady is telling me her story. I am falling in love with her anxious for her to text me or email me so I can hear more. She was pulling at my heartstrings just by explaining her life to me. And as we talked we realized we have always lived a 100 miles from one another having never met or crossing paths to the best of our knowledge.  I felt good about this lady. For I just come out of a rough marriage we couldn’t get along always fighting. So this love she talked about. Was the kind of love I seeked for. A true lady thru and thru. Before I was ever married I use to take my dogs on walks with the sunsets sit out watch the moon and stars. I knew there was a love, a romantic love out there for me. A love I knew nothing of just knew there was someone that was meant for me. Oh I felt in the lonely way with my first wife and new she wasn’t the one. But stayed out of loneliness.  Then she got pregnant. It was a struggle. An I was 100% open with this new lady.  I wanted her to know my story. Hear my pain and scars. For I wanted to know hers and fill those scars with love and romance. Before I met this lady in person I had fallen in love with her. She had become my bestfriend. We met and my God she was everything I wanted and what she said she was. I told her I would kiss her and hug her the first time I seen her. My God I felt like a king holding her. It was romantic and hot. I seen a smile on her face a sparkle in her eyes. I felt good for I knew I put it there. We have so much in common. And the romance is so strong. I get a rush out of romancing her holding her. For once I feel whole. I feel joy passion. I feel this love. But God it runs so much deeper and more passionate than I ever thought. I have a best friend a partner a lover a soulmate. My soulmate. We go out for these crazy walks and what we both love comes together so well. The sunsets we watch or our walks are so romantic and the love is so pure. We both have had a journey before to learn lessons.  I Think is what connect us so much. Now we’re half way thru a journey to get to Texas. To build a life together in a town neither of us have a past all the memories will be only of ours that we make together.  Where we can make so many more romantic memories. My romance comes from my soul my heart. I can’t wait to get there and see what the gods have in store for us. Renee Peterson I truly believe ur an angel.  Ur the love of my life. The romance that burns in my heart for u is amazing.  I told u we would create a love story our grandkids would talk about. And it’s burning even hotter then before.  I love u with my whole heart and love to romance u for u are my soulmate. I just hope I get the next life with u so we can have kids of our own. I will always put a smile on ur face and a sparkle in ur eye. I love u so pure and deep and will forever be ur husband and soulmate.



One thought on “Words from his heart

  1. Brad Peterson says:

    I love that. An still today feel this way about her. I have been drunk on her love sence 2013. Thank u my soul mate. I love u for Eternity + one

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