A day in the life of oil and gas travels

Today I woke and went down to get ice

smells beautiful out kinda like rain perhaps this storm will actually hit us

fresh cut grass I smell that too love that scent

then the texts and calls flood little by little

I think how my husband worded it is about appropriate today

A day in the Life of oil and gas is like being in a twister….


So for the past month we were told we are going to College Station TX

sweet I can handle that not far from home base of Austin

my family and friends in Houston and Galveston

costly due to it being oil and gas as well as college town

but hey we will make it work.

Kept getting calls okay you leave this day, no wait not yet, okay now, no wait

then it was quiet you start to settle back into routine

Ya know the calm before the storm feel…

yesterday get call okay be in Enid OK Thurs

of course a couple necessity things came up and we just drained our savings

and you want us to move right before payday…literally!

No problem we got this

I spend all afternoon researching hotels and all I find is

what use to be $29.95/night hotel is now $80/might and the price goes up from there

There is all of 10 house rentals yet over 200 real estate for sale listings

Housing market is tight most hotels and extended stays are packed so they are getting away with

jacking up costs even for a roach motel

but hey they have wifi, pool, breakfast and free parking

We see this all the time in many towns we end up in.

Today we have been all over Texas and Oklahoma though

Just today alone we have been told okay still going to Enid


wait for it….

Sorry be in Midland Thursday morning which means

pack and be on the road in the morning

so its going to start

sounding like freight train barreling thru the field in our room as I pack like a mad woman

oh but crap what about searching ya know for a place to sleep once we are there

And if you are familiar with Midland any at all you know that alone is a 3 mos chore

phone rings

I swear the air pressure dropped and it felt like you’re on a plane coming in for a landing

its hubby saying are you ready for this

we are going to Post Texas…

where the hell is that…

is that even the true name of a town

you mean like fence post right….

okay well I guess its time to map it

oh but wait a few more minutes

no stay where you are

I think you are still going to Enid OK


not sure yet….

we will let you know!

So we are back to square…whatever number but don’t know when.

Sheesh when you know…concretely that is…

let us know…


thanks would save a few gray hairs

At least at this rate payday should arrive and go by leaving us a safety cushion again

for when the real move happens.

Todays been a bumpy ride like a roller coaster jerking back and forth

or a Twister going ever which direction


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