Squirt guns Baking soda and Vinegar


A science experiment for kids should be fun and I don’t think my kids could have had more fun than they did with this activity. I think all boys…okay well most… love guns and things that explode. I cant think of better things to do than using your child’s interests to make learning fun.


Gather your materials. You will need a pan, baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, and of course squirt guns.


I placed food coloring drops on bottom of a cheap $1 disposable pan. Covered it with baking soda. Filled the squirt gun with vinegar.  I did get a cheap one …it didn’t work as well as I had hoped. We had more explosion fun pouring by the capfuls.



What was just as entertaining for G was stirring it around with a stick he found to make sure the baking soda was done bubbling. He drained off the fluid and discovered it felt really cool to play with.



Lol he said he had Hulk hands.


So what started as just a fun explosion experiment it turned into fun hands on sensory education as well.  He said it felt squishy like mud between his fingers.

This is a fun quick experiment on a hot summer day.


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