Learners Permit


So I recall when I got my Learners Permit.

I actually waited until I was nearly 18

I was afraid to drive

feared little kids or animals running out in front of me

then I was offered my first nanny job

we lived 8 miles from town

my parents said if I wanted the job I had to get my license

I REALLY wanted this job, a bit of independence

I had been driving the back roads with dad but was scared of the what ifs.

So I went to this little bitty town not far from us called Frannie WY

did the written and passed was asked if I was ready to do the driven given my age they would let me

I was about to say sure when my dad said lets go home

and get in a few more driving lessons and come back in a week or so

thats what we did and again I passed no issues.

Fast forward now I have teenagers

Kelda was never interested while her dad was alive

and I think it was due to a situation when she was younger

she went on a tow with her father and saw a dead girl about her age

we were never informed of a DOA situation or she never would have gone

after this call we never had an issue with her wearing her seat-belt again

she was my Houdini from the beginning and screamed everytime being buckled up.

Then a week before she turned 16 we had our own accident putting the truck on its side

You might recall the Perfect Storm post

After Carl passed away she decided maybe

So I started showing her some

she did pretty good in the parking lot of the stables

but got out on the road and she scared me going so slow yet

you could tell she was still very scared

Made me have flashbacks to stories told of my Aunt Irene

putting my grandpa in the ditch

then life got busy and we moved to middle no where Texas

and with the cut in our finances I didn’t have the fuel to take her to town

for driving classes.  I tried teaching her more out on our country road

I just never really felt she was totally into it

she ended up moving out not getting her license.

NOW child number 2 and she is more than ready.

2 days study time and she got a 93% her downfall questions were

on insurance.


She got to get a taste of being behind the wheel right after

as Brad stopped in the empty parking lot next to the DMV

Now she wants more lessons….this mama isn’t so sure she herself is ready for this stage

but her ambition I love!

Learning to drive may be one of the great adolescent milestones but,

for parents……

it represents a major push back from our kids as they claim their independence from us.

She went after her permit rather than just a state ID which she had to have

because yet another milestone hit …she got her first JOB!

Not her fav place to eat but its her first job and she is excited

10807955_10204677494992483_1533596428_n 10808154_10204650760564139_1760721876_n

Now she is driving me crazy asking if she can drive

making sure I know she has her permit

to me this is a lethal weapon in the hands of a child we love,

who we know this stage is only part way on her journey to maturity.

Have to say 17 for her where I love her deeply isn’t my

favorite age for her.  She is fighting hard to become who she wants

in the process making me wish 18 arrives soon.

LOL during the parking lot stop Brad said now what do you do if a child is running out

and BAM-on the breaks so fast that he went forward into the dash

slicked Leather seats is not so nice and no grip time

SO I think giving whiplash to her passengers is done well on her list

in the event of needing to do brake checks.

I am only 39 and besides aches and pains reminding me of my age

having a teenager with a permit to drive will make you feel 80 and the anxiety levels

rise worse than the first day dropping your child off at school.

Which I recall vividly with her

She was ready but said she would miss me lots

Its time to get reacquainted with some slow breathing techniques.

Might have to take up Yoga again

I am actually letting Brad do much of this initial stage of driving lessons.

Now hear me out

Here in Oregon she has to have 100 hrs and 6mos driving

with an licensed adult with a minimum of 3 yrs experience

So see if I do it this way with Brads schedule…it will be awhile before she gets

her full license lessening some of my anxiety.

Shedoesn’t find my theory funny but in my mom logic

I love it 🙂

Now as long as we don’t hit the milestone of

navigating the hormone infested waters of boyfriend-girlfriend relations my

anxiety levels should remain in check

Fortunately she says “A’int nobody got time for that”

She has a goal of getting her drivers license

a tow vehicle and small camper

all paid for by the time she moves out in the fall of 2015

as she plans to explore the world and doesn’t want to stress about where she will sleep

All in all she is on a path to securing her future and I know

once we are past this she will do amazing

until then Just gotta breathe and remind myself this is a good thing


One thought on “Learners Permit

  1. Theresa says:

    What a milestone for your daughter! Thanks for sharing your story and flashback. It makes me think back to when I went and got my learners and drivers as well.. I did it all when I was 17 years of age, not the typical 14 here in Canada. Insurance is always the tricky one – so many do’s and don’ts and won’ts.


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