My husband has some pretty bad psorasis areas such as on the elbows and backs of hands mostly

He’s been using Lavender and banana peels to help ease his itching

Its helped take some of it away too.  He does this morning and night

I had him taking skinny fiber and it too seemed to be helping but he forgets

but his work ours are anywhere from 12-16 hr days.

We are trying a new protocol I have come across and wanted to share it here:

Psoriasis needs to be cleansed from the inside.

Start with Zendocrine (gentle 5 filter cleanse) 

Start with Zendocrine capsules (I chose to get the oil so we could put it over the liver if we chose rather than yet another pill as well as use for other things as necessary) and TerraZyme capsules (on an empty stomach). Normally TerraZyme is taken with food. Without food it breaks down stuff left over in the gut.

A tip suggested probably add PB Assist.

But it is also mentioned later in protocol so going to wait the first round and see how best to approach.

you can start with GX Assist however that will be going at the root cause

so first you want to clean out the filter organs if you start with GX Assist it can make rashes a lot worse from what I am reading.

Being my husband is a mechanic think of it like this

you use seafoam in your vehicle to cleanse things out

then you are most likely going to need to replace the fuel filter

We know the skin is already clogged due to the rash so need to filter first and again after

because it becomes clogged from everything the seafoam knocks loose

Now when he starts this it recommends 1 capsule with each meal (3 x a day with food). If he experiences any discomfort (detoxing) he should take only two a day (with food) and if he still has discomfort then go to one a day (with food). No matter how many he ends up taking daily he only does this for 10 days.

After the 10 days, he should start the PB Assist for five days to replace good flora in the gut.

Also Lemon in the water. Lots of water to flush those filter organs, the skin being the largest.

Wait 10 days and repeat the whole GX and PB, with the same instructions only this time I hope he can take more capsules daily.

Wait 10 days and repeat

This is how we get rid of the candida in your lower gut that manifests itself through the skin.

During this cleanse you can use a blend of Melaleuca, lavender and Coconut oil to sooth topically on places that are especially uncomfortable. 

This wasn’t mentioned as part of the protocol but something I came across last summer was

to rub banana peel on the irritated areas along with Lavender oil.  I don’t understand exactly

what the inside of the banana peel does but my husband says it has a soothing affect and

aids in minimizing the rash.

topical oils to sooth psoriasis are ClearSkin in fractionated coconut oil or organic  virgin coconut oil.

The organic coconut oil is nice as the fats are very soothing, as long as tour not allergic to coconuts of course.

Other oils are Immortal, geranium, as well as Balance

Everyone is different all you can do is trial and error see what works for you best.

Once the cleanse is complete I would suggest starting on the Life Long Vitality (LLV) and the DDR Prime capsules. This will help him get complete nutritional balance. He should continue the cleanse every 3 months.  start the Zendocrine that will help to cleanse the major organs in his body.

Psoriasis or Detox cleanse

Psoriasis or Detox cleanse

Total cost of $199.  This also gives you a wholesale membership with doTerra where you can receive 25% off all retail purchases for the next 12 months.  In addition, you have the option to share the products with others and make additional income.

I am not telling you what to do simply sharing what I am researching and trying.  If I can help another great

otherwise I am simply an advocate trying to help others and certainly not a Dr. if ever in question ask your dr

whats best for you.

As we go along I will be updating to let

y’all know how it is working and if hubby allows I will post photos.

Also Good nutrition, rest, proper exercise, keeping hydrated all help of course.

One place for my research was


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