April Adventures

April Adventures

Around April 9th started our journey out of Oregon

We were headed to NM but as I told you before living

life in the O&G is much like a twister and this move was of

no exception! By the time we made the NM border it was decided

nope reroute and head to Texas.

This was the first time I ever hauled the RV myself for such a distance

AND had to back it in and set up at the new rv park

backing up rv

A bit crooked but with the help with the very friendly park manager

I succeed and hubby came home to my rescue and straightened it up 🙂

My great Aunt Leon fell and broke her hip and was in and out of

the hospital but she is doing good and in good spirits. She is in her 90s and

pretty amazing lady.

Not even a week into our time in Midland we got graced with a West Texas

thunderstorm….I got soaked determined to try and capture some shots but totally worth it!

11062149_894241417289531_4882106955991370789_n 11156197_894241440622862_7987534765545915011_n 11156244_894241393956200_3771235366367300212_n

After the storm Eye Candy

Texas gets rain and the humidity skyrockets

but I love storms


Morning after the storm….

Boys will be boys I guess….thank God for outside showers invention on rvs

1533715_894516260595380_8887745397452699071_n 10408881_894516307262042_1162440829580683579_n 11078098_894516363928703_8122825560218317212_n 11159492_894516337262039_4301985572761244145_n

Rainy day project….A New faucet.

Little by little will do upgrades til we are either content with this rv or ready to upgrade

altogether.  I love having the sprayer option on the kitchen sink.


Love the smell after a good rainstorm. The flowers are beautiful as well


Kinda bummed. ..been waiting all winter to come back south for what else but my Blue Bell ice cream and due to the recall the shelves are bare 😦


It did come back briefly and I got me a pint and then it was gone again still

“patiently” awaiting its return!

Gorgeous day today so made doggy shampoo and finally gave the girl a bath. She did not appreciate it but the rest is us were happy. She was then sunbathing and mad I wouldn’t let her roll in the dirt.


You know the rv park is amazing when managers call themselves grandparents and let the kids help with stuff like gardening 🙂



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