May Adventures


May brought some fun times.

Vacation to Utah to visit my bestie of nearly 20yrs!

We haven’t seen each other in years due to …well something we all call life!


Kids had to of course get out and stretch on the long ride there and back to Texas.

Some of the sites and an old train set we came across I believe was in Fort Garland or

some small town around Alamosa Colorado don’t recall for sure…hint to self

this is why you blog more off than every 3 mos or so and have to go back and

recall small details!

1901190_903851312995208_7735009683083868935_n 10410166_904095179637488_7381972325598108702_n 10422498_903851286328544_8767605416028727570_n 10423682_903851122995227_2465519117886085457_n 11051219_903850982995241_4843297553712148047_n 11114254_903851019661904_1315834408540521490_n 11150732_904094886304184_2630983470923600183_n 11151030_903851216328551_2493973538965662914_n 11169839_903850486328624_6461120988446423944_n 11173389_903851366328536_8199348210499332232_n 11175026_903851339661872_646721322844641663_n 11175051_903850802995259_1308096242359258189_n 11180319_903851236328549_2869926137155866893_n 11182224_903851196328553_8866687374491068108_n 11182292_903851169661889_2194312184065696499_n 11188283_903851256328547_228320206693350702_n 11188294_903850532995286_2884711013181050489_n 11201618_904096322970707_838263661214373984_n 11209564_909713449075661_9198051200931706538_n 11210462_904094869637519_685894447659256168_n

Had some wonderful West Texas storms that left us treasures such as this:


cracked windshield 😦 and ripped awning



Love the rv park and managers in Midland

but dreaded day or 2 after a good rainstorm this was in front of the rv

and the drive out to the main road poor truck needed a bath after each trip



Relaxing listening to Mozart. Can’t believe she got him to be still let alone listen!


How do u have pizza and not heat up the rv when you are 6 miles out of town…fire up the grill of course.

22327_906912652689074_7871614917156466480_n 10846154_906904779356528_950544229760842874_n 10930109_906703529376653_8483519521817520823_n 11203128_782399965211898_8989816321389261039_n 11205017_906954856018187_1043254321459696728_n

Mothers Day was really nice and relaxing.  Brad still working in Midland at shop

so he still had weekends off and off early during the week. Bank

account didn’t like this but we as a family rather enjoyed it.

He grilled and had Inger peel potatoes for salad she decided a chair and sitting

was necessary for the job. The peeler was broken so she had

to use a paring knife and was none impressed.

10375055_909713405742332_8030611855149575653_n 10419007_909713489075657_5702314794442862881_n 11009152_909713335742339_5130226128070591613_n

First night in NM and of course we had to hit the Pecos River

So first half of the month spent in Texas and vacation to Utah then off to New Mexico


Boys started their first morning in Carlsbad off right with a hunt and a catch…and release of course but had some happy boys to start this morning.

10411018_911409722239367_5749416915196754206_n 11246858_911409648906041_3210106662539944143_n 11255734_911409682239371_891544502175860218_n 11267762_911409612239378_6069458669943926940_n

A couple days into getting to NM had a good rainstorm

how do you spend your morning…apparently mine is rescuing boys from mud holes…Benjamin initially was stuck so Gabe came to get me I said sounds like a nice place for him I’ll be down soon with my camera. I get to where they are and now Gabe is stuck by helping Benjamin get out. Boys…smh guess it’s one way to go mudding without getting into trouble…innocently saying honestly we were just walking thru the water puddles and suddenly started sinking. They were reminded what NM is full of sinkholes.

I was told NM was hot…sweltering hot. After nearly a week and we had a hot moment but mostly chilly weather …there had been cold drizzly and wet days. Lol even the insurance adjuster said this is abnormal but her pecan orchard is loving it.


Almost daily boys go out run around hunt stuff down then like clockwork come in for 10 o’clock snack and request a movie time and this is what ya get.. probably the quietest it is every day.


How do you play your DS system…well apparently while charging its in the “oval office”


Inger got a job working for Sonic it was closer than McDonald’s for her bike ride


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