A Century Old


This beautiful lady right here is my Great Grandma.

Today she turned 100 years young!!!!!!

I was born 2 days before her 60th birthday

I use to get the story of when I was born

…if I remember correctly it’s been awhile…

She was visiting my mama and grandma and sharing a bed with my mama

My mom kept climbing over her to go to the bathroom

after so many times of this happening

my grandma asked what was going on and my mom said she had to keep

going and my grandma laughed and said honey you are in labor.

She great grandma would say to me honey you were already 5 days late another 2

days wouldn’t have mattered any. Quickly followed with I still love you Sugar

you were the best birthday gift a grandma could get that year. She said it was always

easy how to remember her age because she was 60 yrs older than me

And I have never forgotten her age as a result of her story

Like myself my kids have gotten to hear stories from her and my aunt

of their days when young girls out in the cottonfield.  My aunt Leona is the baby of the

family and my grandma would have to take care of her

while their parents worked the fields.

She says sometimes she would just cry and cry

or how just like my middle she is deathly afraid of thunderstorms

newspaper clipping

To me, you’re 10 decades young. When I look at you, I don’t see a 100 year old. I see someone who inspires me to love every trial and tribulation of life. May your special day be filled with sunshine, smiles, family, laughter and love…exactly what you’ve brought the world for 10 decades. You shouldn’t only be congratulated for reaching 100, an amazing milestone in itself. You should be praised for the love, caring and wisdom you’ve given so generously every day for 100 years. You’re a very special person, and not just because you’ve lived 100 years. Mostly, you’re special because, whether you’ve faced bad or good times, you have always been a loving presence and kind hand for everyone around you. Happy 100th birthday Great Grandma Rosie! We love you so very much

There is soooo many photos of this day I have had a hard time limiting but I posted

over 100 on facebook so I will refrain from posting that many here lol.

22227_921169107930095_3050707287820613057_n 22784_10152893873456517_5506230966892853588_n 1907547_921415664572106_1126337590627825988_n 1922413_921981504515522_602630072426007999_n 10409300_921169061263433_4811055774415551007_n 10441356_921417351238604_1522491650919722770_n 10559701_922441854469487_7064443463376299937_n 11053408_922441281136211_4400123064070900574_n 11226570_922356871144652_6416633517135784674_n 11257835_922359001144439_7133392548319208043_n 11389996_922356747811331_723732855168924846_n 11390190_922365721143767_5673508976320793952_n 11390312_921981547848851_7205604000025509568_n 11391239_922441911136148_3224473607286111_n 11392861_921168824596790_1804525130131493067_n 11393084_921169081263431_2657493019964038806_n 11393120_922358624477810_4328404007210696041_n 11393220_921168957930110_1628940104057499399_n 11400999_922359034477769_7252741240982453904_n 11401061_921981574515515_906007503466210021_n 11401233_921168987930107_3033898387284823895_n 11401294_922358314477841_5216437318782117238_n 11401408_921169137930092_1508001009161013614_n 11401474_921168937930112_1437339918541262116_n 11401490_922441261136213_6724044361034712312_n 11401490_922441837802822_1918353141537126540_n 11406614_921168807930125_2405596057626936019_n 11406792_921981437848862_3333203780555151399_n 11407061_919752988071707_450811626708880879_n 11407112_921424701237869_2672552327820420391_n 11412397_922441561136183_6222770775849091064_n 11416151_921169021263437_2138179571816418632_n 11535808_922441411136198_3482043727537422854_n 11535827_922366324477040_843848375949838416_n 11536031_922358261144513_3673671174676704909_n

It was a beautiful day lots of family called or showed up to treasure

such an honorable day.  The Mayor of her small town even came

and presented her with a certificate!  We had to tell her she needed

to take her first bite so everyone else could eat there cake lol.


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