Ocotillo Trail

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When asking in New Mexico for good hiking trails….

food for thought ask if the whole hike is uphill. NM is not as flat as one would think 😉


Didn’t have the dog with me on this walk BUT came some sprinkles from above

so came in handy to cover my phone 🙂


Paige couldn’t handle the heat and uphill hike

honestly it took me 3 times before I got to the top and it isn’t that long

of a hike but due to not use to NM heat and I only have Sketchers shape up

sneakers doesn’t make it any easier.


No idea what this pod is but Inger had to look inside.

Interesting to find it was milky around the edges but seems themselves were dry.

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The Ocotillo Hills Nature Trail is behind Lowes and the New Mexico State University-Carlsbad. The trail is approx 2miles round trip and provides a scenic hike that highlights many of the native plants and, at times, the wildlife aka bees, lizards lizards and more lizards lol and and once smelled a skunk. A scenic overlook area is located at the top of the trail providing a spectacular view of the entire city.


Thankfully the days I tried walking this in the heat I learned there was

some benches to stop and take a rest.


I cracked up seeing this that a friend posted seemed appropriate to add

it here with how hot these hikes can be here in New Mexico


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