So full of Life

22091_933309723382700_1947502574962060104_n 11692606_933309700049369_6114374841694053188_n1467455_928997607147245_1859407754679919477_n

This girl keeps us laughing…..never a dull moment for sure

She’s frugal as well as likes to spend her money

She is quick witted as well as

very sure of her opinions and not afraid to voice what she has to say


Getting into McCallisters here in Carlsbad is difficult

and with good reason their service is better than most places

here. So when we happened to drive by and they were just opening

she said mom we gotta stop I just got paid and I WANT…no NEED

me some sweet peach tea….girl after my own heart.

we get inside and she was very sure of her order

and I couldn’t help but laugh when she ordered a gallon plus a to go cup filled


Then home we went and swimming to cool off from the NM heat


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