June is heating up

June is heating up here in New Mexico!!

11393016_918941528152853_7305685284173288707_n 11393161_918941348152871_1173699994796309639_n

Last year we were playing in the red clay of Lake El Reno in Oklahoma. This year paddle boating on the Pecos in New Mexico.

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Memories like these of amazing customers that soon became friends or those that were already friends that supported me on my journey as I started my photography business serious…. make me smile and I love looking back on them


LOL I turned 40!!  Wow seems only yesterday I turned 18 and moved away

from home 😉


This is a photo of my Aunt Dixie the last time I saw her was 2002

Her oldest granddaughter …my cousin…courtesy of Facebook found her

we’ve reconnected a bit and have chatted she’s almost 4yrs younger than me.

I never knew she never allowed her grandkids to call her grandma until my cousin

was 18! Kinda crazy.  She was one of my fav aunts growing up.

Every weekend she would be out at the The white elephant flea market in Texas.

I remember wishing we could hurry up and get thru

the flea market to get to where she would have her table set up at

I thought it was the coolest thing that one of my relatives

had her very own table at this big event lol.

This chair she is pictured by I remember she was sooo proud of it

it was her newest creation.

She made strong coffee in the morning and ate once a day at 4pm everyday with her

youngest daughter.

Her oldest daughter and my grandmother her oldest sister both

passed away in early 2000 and her son passed February 2010

My aunt passed away Father’s Day 2005 I lived in Colorado at the time of

that sad phone call.


This thing is scary and honestly you can just be out walking around

here in New Mexico and see tarantulas almost stepping on them

not realizing right away they are there.


sorry but next to mice and snakes they scare me!!!

10393799_925850754128597_6280566502299338096_n 11393022_921572384556434_3217541137223286054_n

The things my husband txts me knowing I’m quiet possibly back to sleep after I see him off to work and will get to see when I wake up again to put a smile on my face to begin my day.

10350610_926514840728855_7544696463255925040_n 10361415_926514960728843_5417989600171626351_n 10469214_926482054065467_243302231279642632_n 10629571_926514867395519_7983621101133327072_n 10847923_926514764062196_3326710528245078276_n 11056440_926514897395516_7772449773177742818_n 11536107_926514807395525_159332543632121599_n 11537806_926514924062180_3408417265165919210_n

A quick trip to Roswell resulted in hitting up the Alien Museum….

Honestly can’t say I was too impressed.  Seemed mostly newspaper clippings.

11231906_928553873858285_5183797333928054851_n 11403139_928555770524762_3354966273782422018_n 11403235_928555310524808_8026655030393302543_n 11542065_928557260524613_4361246277285772693_n

This cutie lived a couple RVs down and had a birthday this month

and invited us.  Personally I think she has a crush on Gabe.

He fed off her adorable cute little laugh and the more he laughed

the crazier things he did.  Was super cute watching them.


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