Deep Thoughts


Today our family payed respects to a great man that entered our lives 10yrs ago. It honestly hasn’t seemed that long. Tragically died in a car accident July 22nd. I took this photo last month at my great gmas bday celebration.

I’ve been consumed with so many emotions…Reality hit me where I know

tomorrow is not guaranteed but here is my mom she’s been down the widow journey

before and here she is going it again. I can’t imagine going that path again

…once is too many.

She and I haven’t been on speaking terms

personal differences and both being stubborn….

BUT my heart aches and is broken for her as I know and can

relate and decided it was time to set the stubbornness aside

where I wasn’t close to Mike he was a good man he seemed to make my mama happy and vice versa. Kids I know loved him. He loved to make them laugh. My heart aches on so many levels for my mama. One time on this journey is hard enough more than that I pray I never have to endure that path again. RIP Mike you will be missed by many. Thank you for the last 10 yrs of taking care of and loving my mama as you did.


Proud moment in Mikes life with his Aviation mechanic degree

The photographer in me and desire to preserve memories….

With 3 of us 5 kids were able to make it so despite the reason for this reunion

I felt photos were necessary.

20150730_201217 20150730_201441 20150730_203408 20150730_203423

Max misses his daddy Mike 😦



My oldest brother and his granddaughter my great niece

20150731_122913 20150731_122918 20150731_123004 20150731_123501 20150731_123538

20150731_123608 20150731_123637_001

These 2 men have been a huge part of my life since we moved to WY

They are father and son and I have called them dad and grandpa

I was excited grandpa Jimmy took a selfie with me

he doesn’t look bad for being in his 90s

He took me on my first cattle drive probably one of my fondest


20150731_123816 20150731_123911 20150731_123918 20150731_123959

Was great to see a smile on my moms face

20150731_124000 20150731_124022 20150731_124229 20150731_124305 20150731_124309



my mom watching the memories slideshow

20150731_124741 20150731_124758 20150731_124808 20150731_124851 20150731_124903 20150731_124929 20150731_124932 20150731_124957 20150731_125000 20150731_125214 20150731_125245  20150731_125829_001

My poor nephew was so very close to grandpa Mike

Normally pulling out my camera gets him smiling and acting goofy

but not today he was just sad.


My mom definitely surrounded by loved ones

20150731_132558 20150731_132701 20150731_132759 20150731_132826 20150731_132829 20150731_132831 20150731_132833 20150731_132836 20150731_132837 20150731_132839 20150731_132949 20150731_133029 20150731_133043

My sister in law


My older brother and his grandson…my great nephew


20150731_133709 20150731_133722 20150731_133743 20150731_134147 20150731_134155

Cousins haven’t seen each other since they were little


My beautiful oldest niece.

Hard to believe she is all grown up with kids of her own


Gorgeous ending at the end of a sad day


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