Garden of the Gods


garden of the gods

garden of the gods

After a long day between the funeral and traveling

we called it an day in beautiful Colorado Springs

checked into hotel and decided to take a short drive to get away for a min

Garden of the Gods was just up the road from the hotel

Was definitely the best idea to unwind from the events

to stop and smell the flowers and take in the beauty

we all often take for granted.

I only had my cellphone on me really was wishing that I had

my big camera with me 😦

Garden of the Gods is a public park located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

It was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1971.

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I simply love this tree not sure why just do!!

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Had to take some selfies 🙂 It’s been awhile and well life obviously is very short

Unfortunately it is this trip we are learning how bad my

allergy to pine trees now is and how much it has

escalated in the past 15yrs. We’ve noticed for the past couple years

increasingly I am easily fatigued when hiking in certain areas

but we chalked it up to out of shape or high altitude.

But this trip proved we were wrong

Not far into our very short hike

I was short of breath fast my chest felt like it was

so tight it could have burst I became so shaky. I felt so weak it was scary

I was like this doesn’t make sense

I have been hiking in NM and the only time I had ever

felt this kind of lack of ability to breathe was when we had

live Christmas trees indoors. And suddenly it clicked!!!

and sure enough we got out of there and the symptoms alleviated but not entirely.

The next day the further south we got the better I was feeling

like I could get deep full breaths again.

So my guess is my days in the north are



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