Treasure every moment with your spouse and family.

The happiest marriages have two people who both consistently place the other’s needs

and desires ahead of their own.

Where this is pretty true it also leads to a lot of problems.

However I had a good laugh the other night after several days

of tension between my husband and I.

Yep that is right we travel for his job to have a normal life in every way 😉

Complete confusion and frustration was settling in

I felt there was no need to talk because I wasn’t being listened to

and he was having comebacks to anything I did say

that I felt were uncalled for and truly they were

but it was more because he thought I wasn’t listening to him

Here is the thing we were listening to each other

but not hearing each other there is a big difference.

He kept saying I am not perfect and I needed to listen to him

I was feeling like I needed him to listen to me and wasn’t hearing

what I had to say and was thinking of his best interest of the situation.

It finally clicked when he said I was the logical thinker of the relationship

and he is the quick right here and now in front of his face person

due to the nature of his job.

This is where I got my laugh

I have never in my life been accused of being the logical one

I have always been the fly by the seat of my pants girl.

My late husband use to get sooooo angry with me because that is how I was

and he was the logical -plan well in advance person of the relationship

I thought to myself this is some cruel joke from the beyond.

Lines of communication must remain open

just don’t forget to hear what is being spoken

There are no perfect husbands or wives just perfect moments along the way



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