Rozet Wyoming


Crossing the tracks there is almost always a coal train

setting ready to transport.

So this little quiet town is on the way to see Devils Tower

the nation’s first National Monument.


Now typically we stay in the town in which hubbys work is based out of

but that town is an hour away and pretty much nothing there

so the crew like many companies stay in nearby town of Gillette.

But learning a few weeks ago that my allergies to pine has heightened

the past couple years and in  general cause me asthmatic like attacks

We ended up seeking a place middle of nowhere without pine trees

no easy task when in the northern regions of the US

First off there isn’t a decent rv park in town so trust me when I say its worth the

15 extra mile drive to Rozet WY.I will go more in depth of the available

RV parks in town in another blog.

Rozet was Founded in the 1890s, it was likely named for local populations of wild roses

That is all I can find so far on how this small town came to be.

Must be wrong time of year for the roses since it is late August.

But all that is really here is:

A school, a post office, bar/cafe, and a gentlemans club…and peace and quiet!

soooo when you forget to gas up while in town hopefully

you have enough to get back because of all things there is no gas pump!

SMP_2334 SMP_2341 SMP_2346 SMP_2347

Some of our neighbors in Wyoming


Gorgeous Wyoming sunset


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