This mornings beautiful Wyoming Sunrise….

I used it in a Heavy/Light photo challenge today

it’s much how I feel with grief there are heavy and light moments

The Key to truly moving forward and gaining peace…

You know how much you’ve been changed because of their death

but imagine how much you’ve been changed because of their life.

The loss is real….so very real!!! Yet so is the gain 🙂

Ask yourself these questions:

Who were you before they entered your life?

Who did they help you become?

How are you different for having loved them?

Now go and hold those answers close to your heart.

With grief its obvious and easy to notice

what you have physically lost.

Little things like

The sound of their voice, their hugs, phone calls, texts and letters

contagious smiles and just doing stuff together, even disagreements.

Remember the good times and the bad times alike they all make up

who you are at this very moment in  time.

There was a gain and a loss by that love.

The relationship is not over with our loved ones just

because they are physically gone from our site.

Their spirit still imprints this life you shared.

Your life is forever imprinted by these events

You still talk to your loved ones

remember them

maybe you even write to them

I found myself alarmed recently realizing our sons memories are fading.

This saddens me. There are things he thinks he remembers

however they are not all of accuracy.

However there are things

he does that are forever imprinted without his knowing.

Little things the annoying and not so  annoying alike.

He eats anything (except brussel sprouts and okra) His dad was’t a picky eater

if anything he got upset if I didn’t have enough veggies lol.

Our son will eat food cold or hot he’s not picky his dad was the same

prefers meat med rare….both these make me sick to my stomach

seriously raviolis from the can…yuck

He loves oatmeal every morning plain

The sound as he walks across the floor with his cowboy boots

His constant go go go, willingness to work, helping others without expecting

anything in return,  love for animals.

12105833_10207264000493504_7181772514387790343_nhow he gets so into a leather project and takes great pride in them


We were going thru stuff from storage and my daughter found this old photo

of their father roughly same age I forgot to look before putting it away…

but they could be twins!

Our daughters have much of him as well though one doesn’t want to hear

a word of it.

Thru our kids he lives on forever.

The essence of your loved ones are always with you.

Our son was young when  our world was rocked but

the essential parts were imprinted on our heart and soul.

I use my son as an example as he was young so much he

can’t really remember just certain moments and events yet

he is so much like his father without knowing.


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