The Dance


Our song was The Dance

to many this didn’t make sense as they saw it about death

To us it was about life our favorite line was:

“I could have missed this pain but I would have missed the dance”

This pain is SO worth the dance.

Sometimes advice given is to stay busy.

But in reality that is saying don’t feel or think.

It truly takes courage to stop because that’s when the pain rushes in.

Feeling the pain is the key to moving it along…shifting to where you need to get to

Find a balance it is different for everyone.

Don’t live in that deep black hole.  It will suck you in and not let you go if you allow

One foot in front of the other always going forward.

Give yourself permission to feel

Loss is the price tag for loving

You are a different person because of your loss and that loved shared.

Can you imagine how your life would have unfolded

differently had you never met or loved your dear one?

Pretty hard to think about isn’t it?

Yet their love is still with you, influencing your life.

Everything about grief is confusing

People think that grief is a short term process

and boy is that further from the truth but don’t I wish

that it had a beginning, middle and end.

Closure is a myth. Grief is a lifelong journey.

It moves from acute pain to subtle grief and eventually it mixes with daily life.

There’s a shift and change as it progresses but the

reality becomes part of your life experience

the new normal you will hear about often on your grief journey.

Fortunately the love -the relationship continues as well.

Love and loss continue to dance together thru time.

stars1021 (9 of 11)

Let your loved ones light shine upon you and from you like a star

from the heavens.


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